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Home Security: Easy Ways To Burglar-proof Your House

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Home security is essential; hence, we will show you easy ways to burglar-proof your house in this post.

Your house is more than just an address. It is a haven where you spend quality time with your family, building memories in its hallowed walls. It also contains your most precious belongings that you worked hard to acquire. As such, you must make it your top priority to protect your home from burglars.

Remember, you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep thieves at bay.

Brief Statistics On Burglary

Although locks are there, and they make you feel safe, they are insufficient for warding off criminals. It is so easy for them to pick their way through your locks. The proof is a burglary happens every 25.7 seconds, which shows just how vulnerable your home is.

Clearly, your lock cannot be your only method of home security. You need to level up and use other security solutions. You must create multiple defensive layers to make it difficult for thieves to infiltrate your home.

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Protect Your Home From The Outside

In a recent study of criminal minds, home burglars revealed that they prefer a property that looks easy to enter. After all, they want to get in and out as fast as possible. Spending too much time equates to a greater chance of getting caught. As the homeowner, it is your job to make your exterior secure to deter them from coming in to wreak havoc.

Amplify your protection by putting up a perimeter fence. Any unwanted person who steps over the line could be easily identified as a trespasser. Add outdoor security cameras to serve as your extended eyes, especially when you are not home. Most of all, install outdoor lights because thieves love dark places and shadows for hiding.

Stay In Touch With Your Neighbors

The good old neighborhood watch definitely counts for something!

Being neighborly is not just nice, but it could save your life in a potential emergency. Getting to know your neighbors means connecting with caring individuals who can keep an eye out for your family and property. Of course, you should also do the same!

If they see a stranger lurking nearby, your neighborhood brigade can alert the authorities. When you go on vacation, you need to have trusted people to watch out for your best interest. Studies show that the crime rate is significantly less in close-knit communities.

Be Careful Of Where You Leave Your Keys

In movies, they document how homeowners leave the keys under the mat, inside the plant box, or on top of the door jamb. Your secret hiding places are no longer a secret anymore. Do yourself a favor and don’t leave your spare keys just anywhere. Most of all, don’t leave them just right outside your house.

In addition, be careful of your personal set of keys when you leave the house. It would be a nightmare to lose them because you’ll never feel at ease. If you can afford it, it would be better to upgrade to a smart lock that requires biometrics or a passcode entry. You can even lock and unlock this remotely as an added safety net.

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Deter Thieves With A Dog

A dog is often referred to as man’s best friend. If you have a canine companion in your home, you’ll deal with less burglary attempts. Fur babies possess a highly sensitive and keen sensory perception, with super sharp smelling and hearing. They get antsy when they sense a stranger coming.

Dogs are also renowned for marking territories with their protective instincts kicking in. Should a questionable character come into your property, you’ll get a fair warning with lots of barks. Besides, burglars are reluctant to approach homes with dogs for fear of bites.

Keep Fences, Gates, and Garage Doors Locked

It should go without saying that these should be locked as a safety measure. However, most homeowners are complacent. It is common to see open and half-open garage doors. Those who own fences and gates also forget to lock them. Another commonly forgotten area is basement doors and windows.

If you fail to lock these areas, you are setting yourself up for disaster. A lock that is not properly used is rendered useless. Don’t waste the protective measures that are already at your disposal. You must be extra vigilant about double-checking locks in all areas of your home if you don’t want to be an easy target. Burglary also happens to be a crime of opportunity!

Secure Valuables In A Home Safe or Lockbox

When thieves stake out properties, they observe what’s inside your home. They peer through windows to see what kind of valuables you have. Hence, you must roll down those curtains, especially at night wherein everything inside your house is visible to the outside world.

Make sure that all your valuables are away from prying eyes because of these tempt thieves. If you have fine jewelry, fancy watches, corporate bonds, treasury bills, and other valuables, keep them hidden in a home safe or lockbox that is in a secret place.

Keeping them in plain sight is courting disaster. Remember, prevention is always better, especially in these dangerous times. You don’t want your family to experience the trauma of having your home, your safe space violated.

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