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GogoPDF: The Best Online Tool To Compress PDF

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With GogoPDF, you can compress PDF files.

In essence, PDF files are advanced files that can be manipulated in many ways. If you have a large PDF file size, you can compress it to make it smaller to save space on your storage devices.

You can find a lot of PDF compressor tools when you google it, but before choosing one, you should consider whether your file will be secure.

Security is vital to the users since it may contain essential or private information from the users. GogoPDF indeed provides the best protection for users' files. You will be assured that your file will stay confidential as they care about it. Aside from that, this website has a lot of tools to manage your PDF files.

Quick Steps On How To Compress PDF File

Quick Steps On How To Compress PDF File

The reason why you should compress PDF files is to save space in your storage. You might also need to compress it if you are having difficulty emailing your files because the size of it is significant.

GogoPDF will surely satisfy you with its easy-to-understand steps, and even when you use it for the first time, you will surely understand it fast.

  • Upon opening the compressor website, you will see a box allowing you to upload your file. Drag the PDF you want to compress, or you can click select files and find the PDF from your storage.
  • After you have uploaded or dragged the file, it will start the compression of your PDF.
  • Wait till the compression process ends. It will take a few minutes, depending on your PDF file size.
  • When the compression is finished, you can download and save the compressed file to your storage or share it with email or social media accounts.

GogoPDF compressor will surely guarantee that it is fast, and this tool can compress a scanned PDF, making the size as small as 144 dpi.

This site will make it easy to upload your PDF file, share it with any social media platforms, or publish it. You can save a lot of storage on your hard drive.

Other Features Of GogoPDF

Many browsers are used today, and the good thing about GogoPDF is that you will not need to install software to use it. You will need a compatible browser, especially with popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and more.

You can also use this on the most famous Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. You can hear anywhere about a data breach or a website hacked, but you don't need to worry about your file's identity since, after you use the PDF compressor tool, the file you used on their website will be deleted in an hour. 

Best Quality Output

GogoPDF can guarantee that after you have done the process of your file, the quality of it never changes. There are a lot of compressor tools that cannot do this kind of job.

That's why you must be careful about that one and ensure it provides the best quality.d GogoPDF is the best choice for compressing PDF files.

Cloud System

People nowadays find the easiest way to access a particular tool online to make them comfortable in their jobs.

GogoPDF uses a cloud system because you can easily access this anytime, anywhere on the go, assuming you have an internet connection. Thus, you don't need to install software to use it to do so and also don't need to register since it's free.

GogoPDF Tools

GogoPDF Tools

GogoPDF has a lot of tools for you to manipulate your PDF file. For example, a PDF file with many photos you want to save on your device can turn into a JPG file using this platform, and if you wish to turn it back into a PDF file, you can also do it. You can also merge different PDFs into one file and even split it if you want to.

It can convert Word, Excel, PPT, and PNG files. You can also edit your PDF file. You can add or remove pages.

If you want an original file to be secure, you can put a watermark on it or even protect your PDF. If you check the website, you can check all of these functions and find it very convenient.


GogoPDF is the safest and the most reliable tool that you can use to reduce the file size of your PDFs.

On top of this, you can also use Gogo PDFs and other famous features like the converter tool and password-protect your file. Visit GogoPDF and start processing your PDF needs in just seconds! 


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