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What Is The Best Country For VPN Anonymity?

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This post will answer the question – What is the best country for VPN anonymity?

A VPN protects your data using highly secured encryption protocols while also ensuring that you remain anonymous online. 

Depending on the country of jurisdiction, a VPN service provider might be compelled to keep users’ logs secret or intercept users’ data, thus violating your privacy rights.

Hence, when choosing a VPN provider, it is essential to consider the country of jurisdiction and its data retention laws if you intend to enjoy round-the-clock privacy and anonymity. 

Therefore, you might want to ensure that your VPN provider’s country of jurisdiction meets the following criteria.

  • Must not have mandatory data retention laws
  • Cannot be legally forced to intercept or log users‚Äô activities
  • Must not be a part of the 5-9-14 eyes alliance or be a part of an intelligence-sharing agreement
  • Must have strict privacy protection laws
  • Must have advanced IT facilities and skilled IT workforces.

No single country reigns supreme, but strong privacy laws, no data retention, and server proximity guide your VPN journey towards anonymity.

Based on the above criteria, here are 4 of the best countries for VPN anonymity.

Best Countries For VPN Anonymity 

1. Romania 

Romania is an excellent jurisdiction for VPN providers

Romania is an excellent jurisdiction for VPN providers. Although Romania is part of the European Union, it does not comply with the EU’s Data Retention Directive following the annulment of such directive by Romania’s supreme court, citing privacy and confidentiality rights violations as reasons. 

The annulment of EU‚Äôs anti-privacy laws shows that the Romanian government has high regard for citizens‚Äô privacy and data protection rights, thus making it an ideal jurisdiction for VPN providers with strict ‚Äėno logs‚Äô compliance policies since it is not under any compulsion to monitor users‚Äô activities.

Additionally, Romania is not a member of the 5/9/14 Eyes alliance; thus, it is under no obligation to share data or intelligence with any country.

Therefore, if you’re concerned about privacy rights and protection, you might want to consider choosing a VPN provider with jurisdiction in Romania since the country does not enforce VPN providers to keep logs of users’ activities. 

Therefore, such VPNs under Romania’s jurisdiction cannot be forced to hand over users’ data to law enforcement agents when they come calling. It is also a favourable location for streaming and torrenting because the government has weak copyright law enforcement, thus earning it a place on the US’s watchlist of copyright infringements.

CyberGhost VPN is a popular VPN provider based in Romania.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland is the best country for VPN anonymity

Switzerland is a haven for VPN service providers because data privacy is protected by its Federal Data Protection Act (DPA), giving individuals and establishments rights to data privacy. 

Although Switzerland is located in Europe, it is not a part of the European Union. Hence, Switzerland is not subject to the European Union Data Retention Directives, which requires that VPN providers retain or keep a log of users’ data. Also, Switzerland is not a part of the 5/9/14 eyes alliances formed for intelligence sharing and data gathering. 

Torrenting in Switzerland is not an illegal act because the Switz government permits users to download content protected by copyright law for personal use. 

A VPN provider might consider choosing Switzerland as its country of jurisdiction because Switzerland ranks high with a score of 96/100 on the Freedom House Assessment Score index. 

This implies that Switzerland operates a decentralized democracy, and its citizens enjoy a high degree of freedom of expression.

VyprVPN is a perfect choice for a VPN provider based in Switzerland.

3. British Virgin Islands (BVI)

British Virgin Islands

Although the British Virgin Islands is under the British Protectorate, it does not have data retention laws; hence, VPN providers domiciled in BVI are not obligated to collect or use users’ data for any purpose. Also, the country does not have data retention laws, but it does rely on the British data retention laws in its rulings. 

A big plus for VPN providers based in BVI is that BVI is not a member of the 5/9/14 eyes alliance; hence, it is not required by law to share data or intelligence with international law enforcement agents and intelligence gathering bodies.

An excellent choice of a VPN provider domiciled in the British Virgin Islands is Surfshark VPN.

4. Panama 

Panama is not a member of the 5 9 14 eyes alliance

Like Switzerland, Panama is another haven for VPN providers because Panama has a data protection law that clearly states that users must be informed and consent received before a user’s data can be collected. This law is so comprehensive that VPN providers have no reason to store users’ logs, and users can choose not to provide personal data for whatever use.

Aside from Panama’s favourable Data Protection Laws, Panama is not a member of the 5/9/14 Eyes alliance; this means that Panama cannot be coerced to share users’ data or intelligence with any country or union.

Therefore, VPN providers with jurisdiction in Panama operate under Panama’s data protection laws, which forbid any individuals or organizations to collect users’ data without the express permission of such users.

NordVPN is based in Panama, thus making it an excellent choice of VPN when considering logging policies.

What Is The Best Country For VPN Anonymity? Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Country For VPN Anonymity?

As I mentioned before, there‚Äôs no single ‚Äúbest‚ÄĚ country for VPN anonymity, but some stand out based on specific factors:

For solid privacy laws and data protection:

  • Switzerland:¬†Renowned for its strict privacy laws and data protection regulations. Not part of major intelligence-sharing alliances.
  • Iceland:¬†Strong commitment to internet freedom and privacy. Has a data protection authority with robust enforcement powers.
  • Panama: No mandatory data retention laws and a favourable location outside significant alliances.
  • British Virgin Islands:¬†British overseas territory with strong privacy laws and no data retention requirements.

To avoid data retention laws:

  • Panama:¬†No mandatory data retention laws.
  • Romania:¬†EU member state with no data retention laws.
  • British Virgin Islands:¬†No data retention requirements.

However, other factors to consider:

  • Your location:¬†Connecting to a geographically distant server might impact speed and performance.
  • Content access:¬†If you want to access geo-restricted content, choose a country with servers in the desired region.
  • VPN restrictions:¬†Ensure VPNs are legal in the chosen country.

Ultimately, the best country for you depends on your individual needs and priorities. Consider the factors mentioned above and research specific VPN providers within those countries to find the best fit for your situation.

What Are The Best VPN Server Countries to Connect Through?

Choosing the ‚Äúbest‚ÄĚ VPN server countries depends heavily on your individual needs and priorities. However, I can help you narrow down your options by considering these key factors:

Privacy and Data Protection:

  • Strong privacy laws:¬†Look for countries with robust data protection regulations and no mandatory data retention policies. Switzerland, Iceland, and Panama are often top contenders.
  • Jurisdiction:¬†Avoid countries in intelligence-sharing alliances like Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or Fourteen Eyes. These countries may be more likely to share data with other governments.

Speed and Performance:

  • Geographical proximity:¬†Choose servers closer to your location for better connection speeds and lower latency.
  • Server infrastructure:¬†Look for VPN providers with well-maintained and high-quality server infrastructure.

Content Availability:

  • Geo-restricted content: If you want to access content blocked in your region, choose a country with servers in the desired area.
  • Streaming services:¬†Some VPN providers offer servers optimized for specific streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu.

Other Considerations:

  • VPN legality:¬†Ensure VPN usage is legal in the chosen country.
  • Logging policy:¬†Choose VPN providers with a clear and transparent no-logging policy.
  • Security features: Look for solid encryption protocols and other security measures offered by the VPN provider.

Here are some top contenders for VPN server countries based on different criteria:

For strong privacy:

  • Switzerland
  • Iceland
  • Panama
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Romania

For fast speeds:

  • Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany
  • Singapore
  • South Korea

For content availability:

  • United States¬†(for US-based content)
  • United Kingdom¬†(for UK-based content)
  • Japan¬†(for Japanese content)
  • Canada¬†(for Canadian content)
  • Australia¬†(for Australian content)

Remember, this is just a starting point. It’s crucial to research and compares different VPN providers and server locations based on your specific needs to find the best fit for you.

What Are The Best Countries For VPNs?

Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

Top factors to consider:

  • Privacy: Seek strong data protection laws, no mandatory data retention, and avoidance of data-sharing alliances like Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or Fourteen Eyes. Top contenders include Switzerland, Iceland, Panama, Romania, and the British Virgin Islands.
  • Speed and performance: Consider the physical distance between you and the VPN server. Countries with good internet infrastructure, like Singapore, Switzerland, Netherlands, and South Korea, might be ideal.
  • Content access:¬†Choose servers in your desired region to access geo-restricted content.
  • Legality:¬†Ensure VPN usage is legal in the chosen country.
  • Price:¬†VPN server locations can affect pricing due to infrastructure and legal costs.

Based on these factors, here are some potential contenders for different needs:

  • Strong privacy:¬†Switzerland, Iceland, Panama
  • Fast speeds:¬†Singapore, Netherlands, South Korea
  • Content access:¬†Depends on your target region (e.g., US servers for US content)
  • Budget-friendly:¬†Consider Eastern European or Southeast Asian countries, but research their privacy laws carefully.

What Is The Best VPN For Anonymity?

Reputable VPN options with a focus on anonymity:

  • NordVPN:¬†Strong privacy policy,¬†independent audits, enormous server network,¬†and robust security features. They are based in Panama.
  • ExpressVPN:¬†Strict no-logs policy,¬†fast speeds,¬†user-friendly interface,¬†and advanced security features. They are based in the British Virgin Islands.
  • ProtonVPN:¬†Open-source code,¬†privacy-focused Swiss jurisdiction, and robust security features. A free basic plan with limited features.
  • Surfshark:¬†No-logs policy,¬†multi-device connections,¬†and budget-friendly pricing. They are based in the Netherlands outside significant alliances.
  • CyberGhost:¬†No-logs policy,¬†user-friendly interface,¬†dedicated streaming servers,¬†and affordable plans. They are based in Romania.

What Are The Panama VPN Laws?

Panama’s VPN laws are generally considered favourable for user privacy and anonymity. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:


  • Using a VPN is legal in Panama.¬†There are no restrictions or bans on VPN usage for personal purposes.

Data Retention:

  • Panama does not have mandatory data retention laws. This means VPN providers are not required to store or log user data such as browsing history, connection logs, or IP addresses. However, it‚Äôs important to note that some VPN providers based in Panama may still choose to log data internally, so checking their privacy policies is crucial.


  • Panama is not part of any significant intelligence-sharing alliances¬†like the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or Fourteen Eyes. This further reduces the risk of user data being shared with other governments.

Overall, Panama’s VPN laws offer a strong foundation for user privacy and anonymity. However, it’s always wise to do your research and choose a reputable VPN provider with a clear no-logs policy and robust security features.

What Are The British Virgin Islands VPN Laws?

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are well-known for their strong privacy laws and favourable VPN environment:


  • Using a VPN is entirely legal in the BVI.

Data Retention:

  • The BVI has no mandatory data retention laws.¬†This means VPN providers based in the BVI are not required to store or log user data like browsing history,¬†connection logs,¬†or IP addresses.
  • This aligns with the BVI‚Äôs Data Protection Act (DPA) of 2021,¬†which emphasizes transparency and accountability in data processing.


  • The BVI is not part of any significant intelligence-sharing alliances¬†like the Five Eyes,¬†Nine Eyes,¬†or Fourteen Eyes.¬†This reduces the risk of user data being shared with other governments.
  • Orders for VPN providers to produce user data require approval from the BVI High Court,¬†making it difficult for foreign governments to access information.

What Is The Best Country To Set Your VPN To?

The best country to set your VPN to depends on your specific needs and what you hope to achieve by using a VPN. Whether you’re looking for enhanced privacy, accessing geo-restricted content, or simply browsing the internet securely, there are certain factors you should consider.

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that a VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to connect to the internet through a server located in a different country. This helps to mask your actual IP address and encrypt your online activities, ensuring that your data remains private and secure.

Suppose your primary goal is to enhance privacy and security. In that case, it’s generally recommended to connect to a server in a country that has strong data protection laws and respects user privacy. Countries like Switzerland, Iceland, and Canada are often considered good choices for this purpose.

On the other hand, if you aim to access geo-restricted content or bypass censorship imposed by your current location, you should choose a VPN server in a country where the content or services you want to access are available. For example, if you want to watch Netflix US content from outside the United States, connecting to a server located in the US would be the best choice.

Some countries have more lenient digital laws and regulations, which can make them attractive options for setting up your VPN. For example, countries like the Netherlands and Sweden have more relaxed copyright laws, making them popular choices for torrenting and file sharing.

Additionally, it’s essential to consider the speed and performance of VPN servers in different countries. Some countries may have faster internet infrastructure and better server networks, resulting in faster speeds and smoother browsing experiences. Countries with advanced technological infrastructure, like Singapore or South Korea, might provide better performance in this regard.

Another factor to consider is the VPN provider itself. It’s crucial to choose a reputable provider that offers reliable servers in multiple countries. Look for providers that have a strong track record of protecting user privacy and provide a wide range of server locations.

Ultimately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to which country is the best for setting up your VPN. It depends on your specific needs and goals. Consider factors such as privacy laws, content accessibility, digital regulations, speed, and the VPN provider’s reputation when making your decision.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to do some research and read reviews before choosing a VPN provider. This will help ensure that you select a trustworthy service that aligns with your requirements.

Conclusion – What Is The Best Country For VPN Anonymity?

The best VPN services that you should consider in countries that are ideal for anonymity include:

A VPN’s country of jurisdiction is an important criterion to consider when choosing a VPN provider as a privacy-conscious individual because a country’s data and privacy protection law determines the level of protection your data enjoys. 

Other criteria you might consider are the number of servers evenly spread worldwide, speed, dedicated server for torrenting, VPN protocol options, and data encryption technology.


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