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8 Tips To Improve At Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare needs the right gaming tactics. But do you know how to improve your game? Keep reading to learn the tips! 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has difficulty modes that provide a new challenge. You must overcome the complex barriers to win at the war’s end.

Yes! The game is a bit tricky. But COD Modern Warfare hacks are there to help you out. The undetected hacks ensure you gain an edge in the game above the rivals. The easy-to-use hacks are always available to enhance your performance in the war and end up in a win.

There are always chances of improvement, even if you are an experienced player. So, here are some tips to improve at Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Tips To Improve At Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

1. Adjust sensitivity

Adjusting your screen and audio settings is a good step, but you should also change the sensitivity. It is the setting about how fast or slow your Operator looks while playing the game.

Try to adjust aim assist or the built-in system that helps aim a weapon at a target. You can test different vertical and horizontal settings for sensitivity to know what you are comfortable with.

Tips To Improve At Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

2. Move carefully

It is inevitably easy to die in Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare emphasises an individual soldier's power. You must act your best in each scenario and overcome the challenges. 

You have to take each step in the war carefully. Move between covers before taking a few shots and repeat the same process. You will target the enemies if you spend too much time out of cover.

3. Look out for guns

You might know Modern Warfare has several guns to help you play in the war. You can try various guns before landing on the battlefield and targeting the rivals.

Your mission starts with a predefined loadout, but you can find new weapons in safe houses and across the map. 

You can pick weapons from the conquered enemies' bodies and fallen comrades. So, why wait? Get as many weapons as you can to prepare yourself for the war.

4. Unlock gear fast

Special Ops is a unique challenge in Modern Warfare. Four teammates must work together and constantly communicate to survive the wave-based survival mode. It is an excellent way to unlock your favourite attachments for your gear and weapons.

With this, weapon progress moves from Spec Ops to multiplayer. So, try to jump into the splendid co-op mode to work out your loadouts.

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5. Try camping

Maps in the Modern Warfare single-player and multiplayer are a bit complicated. So, camping is a legitimate strategy in the war.

It improves stability and lessens the recoil impact, giving you a stable center. It will suppress the rivals and hold your positions around the objects and your points of interest.

Tips To Improve At Call Of Duty

6. Utilize doors

There will be multiple opportunities to use doors to your advantage in Modern Warfare. Racing into a door will make you kick the door open.

Opening the door will make a loud noise but will be an element of surprise for you. Opening a door will give you a small window through which you can peel through the door. 

It will provide you with a grenade into the adjacent space. There will also be either camping a door or shooting directly through the door. It will allow you to take advantage of lesser careful enemies.

7. Look for alternate paths

Flanking is a critical strategy in Modern Warfare. Here, you have more scope to utilize environments to your advantage. The majority of the maps have multiple alternate routes.

Keep a close eye on alternate paths in the campaign and multiplayer through various levels and opportunities. It will allow you to cover up and overcover to keep new firing positions.  

8. Edit loadout

Yes, it is surprising that you can edit your loadouts irrespective of being in the middle of the game.

If you know that you have brought the wrong set of weapons to the field, you can go into menus and try new weapons. You can alter the weapons you want to take in the field, altering load-outs and attachments.

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Level Up Your Game: Tips to Dominate Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (FAQs)

Level Up Your Game: Tips to Dominate Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (FAQs)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (MW) demands precision, strategy, and a keen understanding of the game's mechanics.

If you're looking to refine your skills and rack up more wins, here are some FAQs with tips to help you improve your Modern Warfare gameplay:

How can I improve my aim in Modern Warfare?

  • Adjust Settings: Optimize your in-game settings for sensitivity, aiming reticle, and Field of View (FOV) to find what feels most comfortable and precise.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Utilize practice modes like a shooting range or custom games with bots to hone your aiming skills. Focus on target acquisition, tracking, and recoil control.
  • Crosshair Placement: Maintain proper crosshair placement at head level where enemies are likely to appear. This reduces reaction time when encountering opponents.

What are some general Modern Warfare tips?

  • Map Awareness: Learn the layout of each map, including common enemy positions, flanking routes, and strategic objectives.
  • Utilize Cover: Don't be a sitting duck! Use cover strategically to peek, shoot, and reposition yourself to avoid getting pinned down.
  • Sound Cues: Audio is critical in MW. Pay attention to footsteps, gunfire, and explosions to anticipate enemy movement and react accordingly.
  • Utilize Equipment: Don't forget your grenades, flashbangs, and other equipment! These can be powerful tools for clearing rooms, flushing out enemies, and gaining tactical advantages.
  • Class Setup: Experiment with different weapon classes, perks, and Field Upgrades to find a loadout that suits your playstyle.
  • Play the Objective: Focus on objectives in game modes like Domination or Headquarters. Kills are important, but securing objectives wins games.

Are there specific techniques for movement?

  • Slide Cancelling: This advanced technique can confuse enemies and make you a more challenging target. Search online for tutorials to master the timing.
  • Jump Shotting: Jumping while aiming can effectively throw off enemy aim, but it requires practice and good timing.
  • Sprint Tac Sprint: Chaining sprints with short bursts of tactical sprint (holding shift while sprinting) allows for quick movement while maintaining some accuracy.

What are some additional resources to improve my game?

  • Watch Pro Gamers: Observe how skilled players approach the game, their strategies, and weapon choices.
  • Online Communities: Engage with online forums and communities dedicated to Modern Warfare. Share tips, discuss strategies, and learn from others.


Getting better at Call of Duty Warfare is tough. Yes! You are not always going to have fun.  But once you know the tips to win the game, it will be super exciting and rewarding.

With these tips and a persistent attitude, you'll dominate the Modern Warfare battlefield in no time.

The above tips will improve your game further. So, gear up the next time you play Modern Warfare and mark a win!


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