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Is Cyber Warfare A Crime? Which Countries Have Cyber Warfares?

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Cyber warfare refers to the use of cyberattacks against nations or states, causing significant harms that include physical damage, loss of life, and vital computer systems.

There have been debates among the experts on what cyber warfare terms to? The use of systems and the internet to administer cyberspace is a threat to national security. The concept of what is classified as cyber warfare and cyber crimes is still unclear.

Though it's clear that cyber warfares directly refer to cyberattacks that penetrate from one nation or state to another, it also refers to the group of terrorists or hackers aimed at furthering the goal of the particular nation.

In the present times, there are examples that suspect cyber warfare in history, and there is no definition to cyber warfare, which generally refers to a cyberattack that relates to loss of life.

What Are The Aims Of Cyber Warfare?

What Are The Aims Of Cyber Warfare

The principal aim of cyber warfare is to weaken or destroy the other nation. Cyber attackers use a wide range of spectrum program targets that would harm the interest of the country. These menaces include everything from brainwashing to reconnaissance and severe interference with broad infrastructure disturbance and loss of life to citizens under nation attack.

Cyber warfares are sometimes referred to as cyber surveillance, and both the terms get confused many a time. The difference between both terms is cyber warfare refers to the disruption of activities in the nation-state.

In contrast, cyber reconnaissance relates to the attackers who remain hidden for as long as possible for the purpose of spying. Both of these things are used together often. We can say that cyber reconnaissance is used to spy and help nation-states prepare themselves for cyber or physical warfare.

Is Cyberwarfare A Crime?

Is Cyberwarfare A Crime

The straight answer to this is YES.

The world today is entirely network-centric and is wholly based on space vulnerability. The advancements in technology have made the use of computer technology a better tool, not only in the field of technology development but also for cybersecurity consulting.

Here the victims prevent the rumors that cause damage to their reputation. We have now become more dependent on e-commerce to optimize our resources, and this has brought us one step ahead towards vulnerable cybercrimes.

When a war happens in cyberspace, there are several possibilities. The conventional method of arresting can be used if the accused is caught and found. This is all possible legally, as in the US, there are law treaties, but most international crimes require international tribunals.

Universal jurisdiction has rapidly been implied into the serious cyber warfares, under which international crimes can be prosecuted in any country. The legal response to cyberwar crimes would be taken with the international community's help with computer forensic methods used in prosecuting federal and legal offenses.

The Warnings For Cyber Warfare

The Warnings For Cyber Warfare

The warnings for cyber warfare attacks increase as the critical system of the nation is wholly connected to the internet. No matter how secure your plan is, it can even get hacked by the warders recruited by the opponent nation-state to find the weakness and make use of them.

Tools of destruction used to do physical damage during wars resemble the weapons used in criminal attacks, as they affect in the same manner.

For instance, consider some existing bonnet to launch distributed denial services attacks that target critical services and digitally disturb the data that diverge from other hostile activities such as creeping into the work.

Phishing and social engineering are also the techniques used to redistribute and get a step closer to the target nations.

These threats trigger from inside and leave behind a significant risk for the organization that safeguards the system from any disturbance and are highly vigorous when it comes to hacking. It allows the hacker to enter the network directly and allows the hacker to steal sensitive data.

Which Countries Are Involved In Cyber Warfares?

Which Countries Are Involved In Cyber Warfares

We can now consider a recent example from Russia, a country that has got the title of being accused of various cyberattacks on the state level. Russia has been charged with making cyberattacks in Ukraine, which consists of the black energy attack in 2015, which was created to attack the design and eradicate the system.

North Korea has been under the limelight for generating nuclear demeanor and turbulence disturbances with the US, which is already active in cyberspace. There are rumors about North Korea being linked with the treacherous organization, codenamed as Hidden Kobra.

These organizations held down the Sony attack in 2014 and the Bangladesh Bank in 2016. In the very recent news, China was found involved in a cyberattack at the UN-sponsored by the state. The hackers attacked 40 servers at the UN offices in Vienna, Geneva, and the UN head commission for human rights in January 2020.

The US holds the top score of 0.824 in the list of the countries, and Latvia ranks last in the list 0.647.

The United Nations stepped into the field of cyber attacking in the year 2010 by joining together the cyber capabilities with the army, navy, and marines under a single roof.

China has also adopted a similar path by announcing its unique capabilities to develop cyber warfare.

Russia is known for its high cyber capability. The country is expected to have cyber weapons and has attacked Georgia during the military incursion in late 2008. In 2014, the cyber snake program that attacked Ukraine was believed to have originated in Russia.

Israel has also emerged as a cyber power that estimates 10% of the global sales of computer and network security that has also been placed as cyberwar connections.

Iran is also believed to develop cyber capabilities and is expected behind several powerful attacks in the region. The Iranian hackers have attacked the South Arab oil company by obliterating its corporate infrastructure by bringing the company close to a collision situation.

The assumption about the five cyber powers is entirely about reprisals; Iranian hackers are expected to do more damage during the cyber wars.


Cyber Weapons are more dangerous and destructive as compared to biological weapons. The risk and uncertainty about cyber warfare have now come out of the box and have also ripped through the laws of war, but that might be too late.


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