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5 Essential Tips And Tricks For New Rust Player

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This post will show you 5 essential tips and tricks for new Rust player.

Rust is a survival game. As such, you need all the help available to protect yourself from enemies. Apart from the bears and wolves to avoid, you will also stay away from other human players who’re desperate to kill you. Also, don’t forget the terrible radioactive zones that you should enter or die. 

All these challenges are surmountable even though they might seem difficult at first. First, grab rust aimbot to make the game simpler. Then, apply the tips and tricks we have in this article to be a great survivor. Remember, when you start the game, there’s only a torch and a rock for you. 

So, how will you survive in such a harsh world? Check the answer below! 

Tips and Tricks for Rust Beginners

1. Avoid over-crowded servers

Once you're ready to play Rust, do some research to find a small server where few players exist. The reason is to face little threat while playing as a beginner because newbies will also choose smaller servers. That way, the die-hard professionals won't send you out of the game before you get the hang of it. 

Another reason is that you can learn faster in these maps. Also, gathering materials and constructing your weapons and base won’t be as terrifying. At least, you will face a few opponents and not a swamp of enemies breathing down your neck. 

2. Craft important weapons fast

The first weapon you need in Rust is a spear. In the beginning, you spawn into the game without anything except a torch and the rock. One of the important materials to find is wood. So, once you've gathered enough woods, create a spear with the woods to fight off your opponents. The wooden spear is cheaper and faster to make. Moreover, with the spear, you can start fighting immediately because some players might attack you even in the first seconds. 

5 Essential Tips And Tricks For New Rust Player

Another important weapon is the hatchet. This simple tool is versatile and will even help you get woods faster. Also, you need a hatchet to build your base where you can store your items and go back to after your adventures. 

3. Find a secluded spot for your sleeping bag.

Normally, your sleeping bag stays in the beach area. But it’s best to find a secluded spot and place it there. The reason is also to ensure your protection. Using the sleeping bag will expose you for some minutes to the enemies because waking up takes some time too.

So, if you don’t want other players to take you out, go to where no other player can find you easily. Moreover, players can destroy the sleeping bag with 25 hits of their hatchets. This is why hiding them away is very important. Also, if you can create and keep some sleeping bags close to your base, it’ll help you to respawn in surrounding areas. Crafting sleeping bags require 30 cloth. You need to harvest the hemp plants or kill some animals for their skins to get the clothes. 

4. Spread your items

We often try to avoid placing all our eggs in one basket. This rule applies to Rust too. As a beginner, don’t be surprised if you die many times. This is normal, and almost every Rust player faced it too. Since it's inevitable, you can help your game by store your valuables in different places. How?

Instead of building one house for yourself, construct many in different spots and share your items between them. That way, when you die in the game, you can respawn and continue living with what you have saved. But if you pack everything in one single base, the other player will kill and loot you dry. 

5. Prepare your food in the daytime 

Many new Rust players usually prefer to cook at night instead of during the day. The reason is that their daytime is designated for looting and crafting weapons and gear. But cooking during that time is better too. Also, since the place is bright, you can easily notice another player approaching your base. 

On the other hand, night cooking is dangerous because the fire attracts attention. Also, the process of cooking makes a noise that others can hear. Once the other players notice the fire or hear the sounds, it attracts them like bees to honey. By that, you have exposed yourself and your items to danger. Those players will rush and raid you. Unfortunately, the darkness will hide them from you. 

Conclusion – Tips And Tricks For New Rust Player

Surviving in Rust is hard. You will have many enemies to avoid or win. Most of them are animals, other players, starvation, etc. That’s why you must get the available information about the game to understand it and play better. Don’t forget to grab every tool you can find to simplify the process.  

Which of the tips and tricks for new Rust player excites you?


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Christian Schmitz
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