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Modern Security Solutions For Your Modern Security Issues

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This post will reveal the modern security solutions for your modern security issues.

Modern video security solutions, equipped with smart sensors and IP cameras, cloud storage, and a unified platform; form the perfect concoction for the secured operations of an enterprise. The cloud services integrated into the system not only help in maintaining concurrent IT security of the enterprise, but at the same time, assist in improved operational performance.

Cloud computing allows smart enterprises to store and process data; providing greater flexibility along with reduced costs; as opposed to the traditional on-premise alternative.

Securing your enterprise with age-old conventional cameras and big data recorders that form the equivalence of an old box of albums that cause a great inconvenience due to wasted time and effort; especially while taking out a particular picture. If extracting the footage of a particular time period for a specific day creates an ungovernable time-lapse, especially during a sensitive instance, the system becomes inefficient in doing its job.

Securing Your Enterprise With Cloud-based Services

cloud services

Every enterprise, big or small, is in the need of a well-structured surveillance system with the least amount of loopholes possible; for the optimized functioning of the premises.

When it comes to CCTV surveillance, the analog camera with on-premise storage doesn’t do much to provide security. With the fast-growing technology, there is growth in not only the way premises and people are secured, but also how they are violated. With this fast-developing threat to security, owners have to ensure that their security systems are updated to handle these situations.

Traditional security systems, equipped with analog and reactive devices, on-premise data storage, and networking via cables; makes this system inefficient when exposed to present-day threats and circumstances. The need for a proactive system, that provides real-time alerts in the case of intrusion or suspicion of any unlawful activities, along with the providence of operational insights is greater than ever before.

Why Cloud Services Are Taking Over Surveillance?

The need to protect your premises is an ever-growing need, and so is the need to update your security system. With time, major industries like warehousing and logistics, BFSI, large retail along with other business ventures have taken upon themselves to improve their on-premise security by adopting IoT-based surveillance systems.

This system has proven helpful for their enterprises in the form of deterrence of crime, providing evidence in case of intrusion, safer working conditions for employees, high alert protection of assets and equipment, prevention from spoilage due to smoke, fire hazards or inconvenient temperature and humidity levels.

These improvements in the operations have resulted in a surge of enterprises jumping towards this one-time high investment on cost for a long-time investment on security.

Modern Security Solutions For Your Modern Security Issues

Now, let's take a look at the modern solutions for your security issues.

  • Concurrent Surveillance

Users of cloud-based services are able to view and monitor footage in real-time and at the same time can monitor any historical data previously recorded on the devices. This allows the surveillance team to stay updated regarding all sites at all points of time. This cloud-based smart solution makes it possible for authorized personnel of the enterprises to access and monitor all the sites and all the devices installed at those sites simultaneously.

Without a cloud platform, the surveillance structure can provide no proactive protection to the user’s assets; it merely acts as a recording mechanism that can be used later to retrieve the footage. This, however, can only assist enterprises in reviewing the data once the local hard drive is extracted.

  • Augmented analytics

The cloud services of an e-surveillance solution not only provide the user with the upper hand of any time and anywhere-access to data, but also assists in their search for operational insights by providing intelligent analytics of the data.

Since the data recorded via smart devices can be extremely illegitimate and non-essential, the providence of data analysis makes the segregation of data easier, putting the responsibility on the AI-enabled technology rather than on any personnel. The analysis helps users get an in-depth view of their operations, realize their pain points, and at the same time provide reactional insights to overcome the downtime.

  • Secured data

Modernized surveillance systems ensure the secured storage of data over the net, thus, reducing the threat of loss of footage. On the other hand, data stored on-premise can be extracted and the hardware sabotaged by an unsuspecting culprit. The cloud-based platform also keeps users updated regarding any attempted vandalism, theft, or in case of tampering with the surveillance architecture installed in the premise.

  • Over the cloud storage

The video surveillance solution allows users to store the data recorded via smart cameras and sensors, replacing the old, storage of data on local hard drives. This makes accessing real-time as well as historical data easier from the cloud-based platform. The footage is transported via protected networks as small packets of data, allowing users to store data for extended periods.

Certain services can then be provided to the enterprise directly on the cloud-based platform.

Storage of data locally can put the hard drive at the risk of being tampered with, which can cause an enterprise to lose some very important evidence.

  • Minimal equipment

While the hardware installation and maintenance of a traditional surveillance system can be extremely overwhelming, latest AI and ML based surveillance systems reduce the estimated time and effort to install, maintain and reboot the system, if needed. While the cost of initially installing a video surveillance system may seem high, the overtime expenses incurred on maintenance as well as on recruitment of human personnel substantially decrease. The reduced cost of excessive wiring and hardware also appends to the total reduction in capital expenditure.

  • Real time alerts

The information recorded on smart sensors and IP cameras gets sent directly onto the cloud-based platform via secured networks and allows users to review and act in accordance with the data so received. The cloud makes it possible for users to receive real-time alerts during certain situations and deploy commands directly onto the platform. The devices installed on-premise, also allow users to monitor the employee’s adherence to SOP protocols.

  • Remote control

While the review of footage recorded via analog cameras can only be accessed on-premise after extracting the data from the hard drive, thus making it possible to retrieve footage only in the future; the AI and ML-enabled surveillance system equipped with IP cameras allow users to access the footage from any place, at any time, with the availability of a network connection. The solution provider also keeps a constant check on the health status of various equipment and can deploy commands for remote troubleshooting of the system, thus reducing downtime.


Securing your assets and facilities with a simple analog camera and DVR installed on the premise invites more threats to security than securing the premises from threats. The inability of traditional security systems to proactively ward off any intruders or deter any crime by sending real-time notifications makes the system ineffective for any enterprise that values its assets and employees. To secure the facilities from any internal or external harm, organizations have placed their trust in smart e-surveillance systems equipped with AI and ML technologies.



Chandra Palan
Chandra Palan
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