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Phone Photography: Photography Tips On The Phone

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Here are photography tips on the phone. It used to be quite difficult to capture your vacation in a photo – not everyone had a camera, and even fewer knew how to use it. Today, you can take hundreds of images every day.

Smartphones and their cameras are getting smarter, and the photos are getting better and better. But often, the desire to take lots and lots of photos spoils the experience for those who later have to look at them.

Try to stop grabbing your phone every second for fear of missing something important. Take three minutes to learn nine practical tips for hikers.

How do you take pictures with your phone so that your vacation photos won't embarrass you? You won't be the only one interested in them. If you want to know what is the best phone for camera quality read Skylum's blog.

person holding a phone near cliff during daytime

Photography Tips On The Phone

1. Wake up early

Most of the beautiful photographs are taken during what is known as mode time. Early morning or early evening, when the sun is gentle and its rays are soft. The harsh shadows disappear, and the light paints beautiful colors.

It's not a “workaday afternoon” when bright lights give you black-black shadows and overexposed faces. Mode time is perfect for taking portraits or selfies.

2. Quit the trembling in your hands

If you don't want blurry shots, hold the phone firmly. Don't shake it. Press your elbows to your sides and hold your breath (just kidding!). Just keep the trembling in your hands to a minimum, and don't wobble.

If you're not able to hold yourself upright (vacation, after all!), and you want to shoot, then press against the wall, elbows to your sides, and… hold your breath – no kidding here. Just don't forget to start breathing again.

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3. Turn off the flash

Once and for all, turn off the automatic flash unless you're shooting in total darkness. The flash kills the naturalness of the shot, making the portrait look like a puppet. A modern smartphone can take a normal picture even in difficult conditions without blitzing.

4. Charge your phone on time

It often happens: a masterpiece says “hello”, and the battery says “goodbye”. Timely charge your phone on vacation, and not only. And just in case you need to buy a power bank, it's a very useful thing, a universal tool for long journeys.

Socket in your pocket, so to speak. There are a lot of wireless chargers for different tastes, power, and weight. A good thing – is a power bank capacity of 20,000 mAh. But it's heavy.

So if it says 10,000 mAh on the box, that's enough for a vacation, too. But do not forget to recharge this thing from time to time.

5. Take different pictures

Don't get hung up on just general plans or portraits. Shoot in different ways:

  • landscapes;
  • panoramas;
  • side views.

More variety means more chances to take an exceptional photo that you wouldn't be ashamed of showing off online. Don't forget about the details. Sometimes, just one detail can tell you more about a trip or a country than a whole series of general shots.

man in gray jacket taking photo of body of water during daytime

6. Study the classic photos so you don't repeat yourself

It always amazes me when the Japanese shoot the Mona Lisa, our Gioconda, with expensive smartphones and even more expensive cameras.

Why? Buy a postcard! Now, if there are enough classic photos, why add another hundred? Make one standard one, and then fantasize.

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7. Break patterns

See how everyone shoots and does it differently. Climb on top, sit down or even lie down to find an unusual point, move further away, or get closer. Be original. Then, the shot will play with new colors.

8. Make doubles

One of the photography tips on the phone is to make doubles. There's always something that spoils the perfect shot. Vacationers, dogs, birds, meteorites accidentally flying into our universe… Although you can only dream of the latter. So take takes, especially when you're shooting a portrait.

So you won't see closed eyes and open mouths. Everyone wants to look perfect even if it's the third or fourth time.

9. Delete the bad photos right away

Don't fall into the eternal trap of “I'll take more pictures, then I'll delete them. Then it's a thorny and arduous path through a thousand photos, including dozens of the same ones. Then it's never!

You have to filter and select photos every day on vacation. You sit in a bar or on a terrace in the evening, breathe in the sea breeze (or alcoholic vapors), and delete bad photos. Repeated “not bad” shots are also removed immediately. No regrets.


Don't take a standard photo just because everyone is doing it. Or to prove that you were there. Take a picture of something that really surprised, amazed, and attracted your attention.

Then the picture will be interesting to watch not only your wife and mother, but, you know, and dad will condescend to your creativity.

Not to mention the rest of the world, for whom you'll provide your masterpiece. Now you know how to properly shoot on your phone with these photography tips on the phone. If you want to know which gadget is the best phone for camera quality read Skylum's blog.


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