ReviewsWhat Is MLG Antivirus All About?

What Is MLG Antivirus All About?

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Have you ever heard about MLG antivirus? Did you find the MLG meme amusing and wish your antivirus behaved like MLG? Did you try to download and install it on your computer?

You should read this post if you’ve ever thought of MLG as a real antivirus.

MLG first appeared in 2015 in a YouTube video uploaded by Materialisimo, a Mexican YouTuber. This post contains all that you should know about MLG antivirus.

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What Is MLG Antivirus?

What Is MLG Antivirus

MLG is a USB antivirus in Materialisimo's YouTube meme and the “Killing Dora” series. In the video uploaded by Materialisimo on June 30, 2015, Materialisimo was watching the “best club penguin.”

Suddenly, an ad appeared asking him to shoot all the iPads in a game to win a free iPad; Materialisimo played the game, shot all the iPads, and won a free iPad, which he had to download on his device.

Materialisimo downloaded the iPad to his computer, which turned out to be a virus file; his computer started behaving weirdly, showing signs of a virus attack. Materialisimo turned to “Yahoo answers” for a solution; “ComputerExpert69 says to Materialisimo, ‘get a dank antivirus m9,’ and Materialisimo suddenly realized he has ‘dank antivirus M9,’ a supposed MLG antivirus version.

Materialism is seen rummaging through his junk, and he finally finds an MLG antivirus USB plug he installed on his computer.

After completing the installation, Snipers and Ninjas engaged the Illuminati virus in a dank war on Materialisimo’s screen. MLG antivirus and Ninjas were overpowering the Illuminati virus rogues, forcing them to combine and transform into a powerful supervirus with the face of the Joker.

Both engaged in a powerful shootout using laser beams. MLG was almost overpowered, but drawing on reserve power, MLG antivirus conquered the Illuminati super virus, restoring Materialisimo's computer to its normal state.

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Key Takeaways From Materialisimo's Dank Antivirus War

Key Takeaways From Materialisimo's Dank War

Materialisimo's YouTube meme became the most popular YouTube video in 2015, but what important lessons should you learn?

  • There is no iPad to be won online, so do not be tempted to obey the instructions to click on a link to win a gift or a prize.
  • Don't click on files on your computer with an executable (.exe) extension if you've not downloaded any program file to your system.
  • Your computer will behave like Materialisimo's computer is infected with viruses.
  • You need a robust antivirus to protect your computer.
  • For the layman, the antivirus program works similarly as portrayed in Materialisimo's meme; strong antivirus fights the viruses and other malware on your computer and overpowers them. Imagine if you're using a less powerful antivirus. The virus will have a filled day replicating itself, slowing down your computer, destroying your files and valuable programs, and finally crashing your computer.

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Recommended Antivirus Programs

If you’re not sure what antivirus software to install on your computer, here is a list of carefully selected and tested antivirus programs that are powerful enough to protect your computer from existing and evolving malware.

What You Should Know About MLG Antivirus?

MLG Antivirus is not a real virus

MLG Antivirus is not an actual virus; therefore, it is not an existing antivirus like Panda, Norton, Heimdal, Avira, Avast, etc. Unlike the real antivirus mentioned above, you cannot download or subscribe to an MLG antivirus package; attempting to do so might result in downloading viruses on your computer.

MLG Antivirus cannot protect your computer

Since MLG antivirus is not REAL, it cannot protect your computer from malware infection. Materialisiomo's meme aims to create an awareness of how vital antivirus is in protecting your computer from malware infection.

There might not be a real antivirus called MLG antivirus in the future

As I have earlier pointed out, MLG antivirus is NOT an existing antivirus; the purpose of Materialisimo's meme is to create an awareness of the importance of antivirus, not to advertise an antivirus.

There might be an MLG antivirus in the future, but it only exists in Materialisimo's meme and in “Killing Dora.” Who knows, someday in the future, we might have a real antivirus named MLG, but until then, MLG is not a real antivirus, and you should not attempt to search for or download an MLG antivirus online.

Bottom Line

You have learned that MLG antivirus is not a real antivirus that exists alongside popular antiviruses; you have also realized that installing a real antivirus on your computer is crucial.


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