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The Ultimate List Of Geo-restricted Streaming Services

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Today, we will show you the list of geo-restricted streaming services in Africa, Asia, North America, Europe, and more. Also, we will show you how to unblock geo-restrictions.

Sometimes when you try to access an online streaming service, you receive a message that says such service is unavailable for your region. This is simply what geo-restriction entails. The rights owner to the streaming contents has made it exclusive to a particular geographical location (country or continent). Anyone outside such geographical location will be unable to access the content.

Aside from streaming services, there are also geo-blocked websites. Whatever content these websites offer – news, articles, etc. – cannot be accessed from outside regions. 

Why Streaming Services Impose Geographical Restrictions?

One primary reason for geo-restrictions is copyright laws. The rights owner of these services differ from region to region, and airing contents in a region without the rights would be a legal fault. Also, the owner of a particular streaming right might offer the same services in different regions under different brands. The content provided may be personalized and made exclusive to each region. Streaming services that focus on providing services to a specific region might also decide to restrict outsiders from gaining access. 

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How Does Geo-blocking Technology Work?

Geo-blocking technology utilized by these streaming services can detect your location by reading your real IP address. As you connect to the internet, you do so with an IP address issued from your network provider’s proxy server. Not that your IP tells your location literally, the technology can detect where the web request is coming from, and if the region is restricted, access will be denied. 

The Big List of Geo-Restricted Streaming Services 

List Of Geo-Restricted Streaming Services In Africa

Listed below are some geo-restricted streaming services in Africa.

  • NetflixNetflix is a popular platform for streaming TV shows and movies. Whereas the service is available in some African countries, some video contents are geo-restricted. You can only gain access to the full Netflix library if you are in the US.
  • Spotifythe Spotify platform, despite its global domination in the music industry, is available in just 5 African countries. These five countries include Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, and South Africa. African lovers outside these countries cannot officially stream music on the platform. 
  • HBO GOthis video streaming platform is only available in the United States. For every other region, including Africa, it is geo-blocked. 
  • FXNOWthe FXNOW platform provides video streaming content. It is also a television channel on the Dish Network. The platform is available in just the US, so Africans can’t access it. 

List Of Geo-Restricted Streaming Services In Europe

Here are some geo-restricted streaming services in Europe.

  • CrackleCrackle is a platform for video streaming Hollywood movies. Several TV shows can also be streamed on the platform. Sony Pictures own it, and as a US-based service, it is unavailable in any European country. 
  • PandoraThis is an online platform for streaming music and radio listening. It is a subsidiary of Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Pandora is available in about 26 regions, but none of the regions are in Europe. 
  • HuluHulu has more than 25 million users and is a platform owned by Walt Disney. On Hulu, you can watch Live TV, shows, and movies. However, its streaming content is restricted in Europe. 
  • HBO GOWhen it comes to action series and movies, HBO GO is a go-to streaming platform. The contents served on HBO GO are premium. It was recently launched in a few European countries, but a majority still cannot access it.

List Of Geo-Restricted Streaming Services In North America

Listed below are some geo-restricted streaming services in North America;

  • EuroSportPlayerEuroSportPlayer is a European-based streaming platform for live sports, including Football, Tennis, Athletics, etc. As described, it is based in Europe, and people in North America cannot enjoy its streaming content.
  • Absolute RadioOne of the best platforms to stream music out there is Absolute Radio. The platform’s motto says “Where Real Music Matters” and “The home of the no-repeat guarantee” so you can understand the quality of music you’ll get. Unfortunately, it is geo-blocked in the United States and other North American countries.
  • Sky GoSky Go is an online alternative to Sky TV. Movies, series, shows, from various producers, can be enjoyed on Sky Go but, the platform is only available in Europe. 
  • Channel 5This is a free-to-air TV owned by ViacomCBS Networks; the platform is top-rated in the UK and Australia. Amazing contents are provided, but all are unavailable in North America.

List Of Geo-Restricted Streaming Services In Asia 

Here are some geo-restricted streaming services in Asia.

  • EpixThe Epix Entertainment LLC owned platform is one for streaming TV shows. It is US-based, and only US residents have access to watch these shows. 
  • NBC SportsNBC Sports is a popular sports streaming platform. You can watch live sports games, highlights, and previews but not within the Asian region.
  • Max GoMaxGo provided by Cinemax offers original movies and TV series. Cinemax made the platform only accessible from the United States.  

How To Unblock Geo-Restricted Streaming Services

No matter the region or country you reside in, you can unblock any geo-restricted streaming services using any of the following:

VPN Service 

unblock geo-restricted streaming

A VPN service is about your best bet if you want to unblock geo-restricted streaming services. VPNs can mask your real IP address, and as a result, your actual geographical location is hidden. With this, you get to browse with a different IP address provided by the VPN server. The VPN Servers are located in various countries, so all you need to do is to connect with one in the country where the streaming contents are not geo-blocked. 

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Rotating Proxy Server 

When you browse the internet, a proxy server intermediate on your behalf, the requests you send are first received by a proxy server before being sent to the webserver. Typically, a proxy server would send your requests as it is, but with a rotary proxy server, you use random IP addresses for each web request. Rotating proxy service provides do offer different Geo proxies so you can use a proxy server in various countries which will switch your location. 

Smart DNS Services 

Just like IP addresses, DNS (Domain Name Server) can give out your exact location to websites online. With SmartDNS services, your original IP address is not hidden or changed; your request is simply re-routed. Hence, your request does not go directly from your region but is passed through a different region before getting to the webserver. The web server receives the request with your original IP address but will read a different location based on the route it followed. 

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Geo-restrictions and copyright laws should not stop you from enjoying your favorite TV shows, movies, and songs. No matter what region you reside in, you can unblock geo-restriction by using various methods, as listed above.


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