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Could A Keylogger Be Spying On You? – All You Need To Know

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Could a Keylogger be spying on you? Do you feel unsafe about your information getting leaked? Is it happening because of any virus or malware programs? Do you think that you are being spied? How to detect and protect yourself, then?

First of all, knowing about the Keyloggers logging, usually considered the keyboard capturing, or the Keystroke is the technique of recording and monitoring the keys typed each time on a keyboard. So yes, today, those people using their keyboard are unaware that their actions are being monitored, so the data can be then collected and recorded by any programmer quickly. 

What Are Keyloggers?

So, we can say that these keyloggers are the programs used to smoothly and silently record every Keystroke. Keyloggers are very hard to detect, and because of this, it is considered a widespread problem today where people fear that they should not fall under its trap. This program can be part of any parental control program or any person or say hacker who might have a criminal mindset to use it to get any valuable information. 

In other words, steal any confidential information that can be used against any person, even the organization and society. Nobody wants their privacy to get disturbed by the misuse of their data like this. So, detecting these keyloggers then becomes very important, and can even range from very easy to very difficult depending on its nature and how it works.

A Keylogger can quickly spread like any other virus-like by opening any attached file from your Email. When a file gets launched from any direct open-access directory, or when a user mistakenly opens any spam or infected website. It could be through links and when a file is downloaded from that device having a malicious program already, and many more ways.

Everybody, in this case, wants to get protected from such unsafe malware programs. These are a few steps where you can easily detect and protect yourself from such Keyloggers. 

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Methods To Detect The Keyloggers

1. Using Task Manager

You can detect Keylogger by using the Task Manager program that allows anyone to see any active applications on your computer, so if a keylogger is running, one will see it in the Task Manager.

2. Installation Of Software For Protection

Today, many such software’s available both for computers and the phones to protect from such Keyloggers like Norton Security, Avira Security, BullGuard, Panda Security, KeyScrambler, and many more.

3. Have A Full Malware Scan

Anyone can protect their computer from the keyloggers by having a proper full malware scanning of their devices. Such anti-malware software will ensure and mainly scan folders present in the hard drive to identify any malicious program hiding in their computer.

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Methods To Prevent Keyloggers

1. Using A Firewall

The keyloggers have the purpose to transmit all the data back to the attacker to cause any harm, and even have to send the data out from a person’s computer from the internet. As that data via the internet crosses through a firewall, there is a high chance that it will detect that something is not right, and the Windows Firewall stands the best choice for this purpose. It cannot entirely stop it, but can prevent it.

2. Installing A Password Manager

This is also highly advisable by many that it is better to keep on updating and changing the passwords. Yes, it is indeed hard to remember them, but it is necessary. These Keyloggers are useful in their functioning by recording the keystrokes and getting our information. 

These also work to a certain extent, but if you face any keylogger malware and have a password manager installed in your device, or if there is a chance, one can only lose a strong single-use password for one account then every password for every account one owns.

3. Constantly Update Your System

So, when one keeps updating their devices, it is a proactive move to secure your device from all such Keyloggers, as they usually get destroyed in such a process.

4. Always Verify The Source Before Installing Anything

It is also recommended that when you download any file or software, it is very relevant to check the source one is downloading, if it is trustworthy or not, like looking for its Hashtag or PGP signature.


These are some of the relevant methods to know in today’s era, where half of the population is active online, and so is their data. Additionally, what you are typing right now also matters. Security and proactiveness rely on the hands of the users. This Keylogger can enter from any source and are of various forms, as per TechiePlus. It is still easy to detect them, secure your device, and not let any Keyloggers or any other fraud mind spy on us anymore.



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