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9 Things That Every Gamer Should Have For Seamless Online Gaming

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Here, I will show you 9 things that every gamer should have for seamless online gaming.

The current pandemic has affected the way we live our lives. Now that more than half of the population of the world is at home, each one of us has been thinking of ways to keep ourselves busy.

One of them is online gaming. Online gaming is an effective way to pass time, relieve stress, and escape reality. Whether you are an amateur or a gaming veteran, having a dedicated gaming setup is a requirement so you can fully enjoy playing.

If you want to fully convert yourself into a full-pledged e-bor or e-girl, then we have you covered. Ready your wallet because this hobby can surely break your bank! 

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9 Things For Seamless Online Gaming

1. Invest in a good gaming laptop 

Well, this is not a prerequisite. If your current laptop or PC can handle online gaming, then skip this part. But if you are looking for an upgrade, a good gaming laptop is recommended. Plus, if your laptop can handle online gaming, then it surely can handle other activities like editing and video chats. A good gaming laptop should include high-performing processors and enough memory. 

A gaming laptop’s speed is always top-notch. Turning on a gaming laptop should only take a few minutes. Since these laptops are specially made for gaming, this means that graphics, sounds, and overall quality is good! 

2. Reliable internet speed

Of course, you are going to need a stable internet connection. You don’t want your device to lag halfway through the game, right? You may be wondering, ‘What internet speed do I need for gaming?’ But for a PC, you are going to need a minimum of 6MB per second per device. If possible, use an ethernet cable to connect your PC to your router to enjoy a faster connection.

Another factor that you should also know is the download and upload speed of your internet. You might be familiar with download speed because that’s typically the aspect that most internet service providers would focus on when marketing their services. However, upload speed is just as important if you are into online gaming. Upload speed refers to how fast you can send or transfer information from your computer to the internet. 

3. Switch up your router

If you are already subscribed to a good plan from your internet service provider and your internet is still slow, your modem might be the problem. If you’re not the only one who is using the internet in your household, then this can also affect the internet speed.

Routers that are given by your internet service provider are often outdated, vulnerable to attacks, and might not meet the demand for data-heavy activities like online gaming. There are a lot of routers made for gaming that can lower your ping rate.

But the thing about gaming routers is that it can get really expensive. Some may even range between $300-$400. Make sure to research thoroughly before you shell out a lot of money. You can score a good router for $100 and can still perform just as well as a $350 router.

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4. Gaming headphones

If you follow a few gamers online, you will see that aside from their gaming laptop is the accessories that they use. A good quality headphone can aid you when communicating with your teammates online. Aside from the quality of audio, you should also check the quality of the microphone.

It must be sensitive enough so it can pick up sounds without the need for you to modulate your voice. Noise-canceling headphones can also keep you from distraction. Make sure that the headphones you are going to pick are lightweight, too. 

5. Gaming Chair

You have probably seen those bulky, customized gaming chairs online. Since you are going to be sitting for a few hours, you must be also comfortable. Gaming chairs are tailored for people who need to sit for hours in front of a computer. It keeps the posture upright so you don’t hurt your back. 

6. Gaming Mouse

A dedicated gaming mouse is a must. Similar to the comfort that a gaming chair brings to your back, a gaming mouse should also fit perfectly in your hand. Compared to a normal mouse, a gaming mouse is more sensitive which makes it ideal when you are playing. A gaming mouse has also a lot of buttons that you can specifically find at the sides. This makes it more convenient for gamers compared to using a regular mouse. 

7. Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to gaming, mechanical keyboards are becoming more popular for gamers. There are a lot of gaming boards out there–from customized control pads to

colorful backlights. Gaming keyboards are also smaller in size so gamers can type faster. You may also commission someone to customize one for you. A gaming keyboard will also complete the aesthetic of your gaming station and contributes to the overall experience of gaming. 

8. A Good Set of Speakers

If you are not a fan of using headphones when playing then you should get a good set of speakers. A Sound Boosted feel can also level up your gaming experience. It makes gaming more immersive and can make you feel that you are part of the game. 

9. A Gaming Desk 

Of course, you are going to need a desk to keep everything in place. If you have more than one monitor, an ergonomically designed gaming desk is advised so you easily switch from one monitor to another. An L-shaped desk is also good. Aside from the space that your equipment will occupy, you should also think about your own space. This includes its height, leg space, elbow rest, and other things that would make you feel more comfortable. 

Wrap Up: Always invest in quality gaming items

There you have it! Listed above are the must-haves to complete your gaming setup dream. You are not required to tick off everything on the list right away.

Always make sure that you are investing in things that are of high quality to make the most out of your money. Whether you are just starting to pick up on this hobby or looking for the perfect gift for a gamer, then you should check out the ones listed in this article. 


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