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5 Top Wikileaks Alternatives (Number 5 Is Our Favourite)

5 Top Wikileaks Alternatives and the best wikileaks alternative

Today, we will show you the top Wikileaks alternatives. Also, we will let you know the best Wikileaks alternative.

Wikileaks has been one of the best-known websites that consistently leaked out censored materials on war, corruption, and spying not intended for public consumption. So far, it has published over 10 million such documents.

The tremendous success of Wikileaks in blowing the cover over secret materials has led to the rise of several other similar websites with similar aims of exposing corruption and unethical practices in institutions and organizations.

Top Wikileaks Alternatives

1. Cryptome

Cryptome was founded way back in 1996 by John Young and Deborah Natsios to fight for the freedom of speech of citizens and individuals. The website focuses on leaking methods used by governments and corporations to spy on individuals and citizens. 

The website has photos and names of suspected M16 agents and US soldiers killed in Iraq. was shut down after publishing a 20-page Microsoft document revealing how the US government can access Microsoft’s private data belonging to its customers worldwide.  

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2. Unileaks

From its name, Unileaks focuses on exposing the corruption and scandals happening in tertiary institutions across the world. 

A group of unknown Australians founded to promote transparency in tertiary institutions. They believe the public has the right to know how institutions spend funds and the reasons behind the decisions made.  Their motto is ‘keep education honest.’ 

Although there have not been any sensational leaks from the website, individuals interested in the happenings within the tertiary institutions keep their eyes open in the hope of a major newsbreak from the site.

3. GlobaLeaks work in similar ways with torrent sites. It has a repository of nodes (servers) that stores and share information amongst itself. This makes it difficult for the government to shut it down since the leaked information is held on multiple nodes that are difficult to trace.

4. Balkanleaks was founded by a Bulgarian Journalist living in Paris. The site is modeled after WikiLeaks, but it thoroughly checks and reviews censored materials before publishing. Unlike WikiLeaks, the site focuses on exposing organized crimes and corruption as it is stated Its motto: ‘the Balkans are not keeping secrets anymore.’

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5. AJTransparency

Aljazeera publishes censored or sensitive materials on its website. Whistleblowers from the Arab world and other parts of the world submits censored materials bothering on corruption, crimes against humanity, etc. to Aljazeera, which screens such materials before making them available on its AJTransparency website. 

The website lives to its name by accepting credible content from people irrespective of their location, race, religion, or class. Its first sensational publication was ‘the Palestine papers’ containing over 1600 documents revealing negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian governments.

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Wrap Up: What Is The Best Wikileaks Alternative?

In our opinion, the best Wikileaks alternative is GlobaLeaks. Apart from being similar to WikiLeaks, they also allow users to create their own whistle-blowing platform. Plus, their content is available in 30+ languages, and they have an accessible onion (tor) site.

Without whistle-blowing platforms, the world wouldn’t know what goes on around them, in their government, and other institutions. These websites have been credited in the past for giving voice to the voiceless, fighting corrupt individuals and organizations, and fighting for the freedom of speech of the masses.

With our list of the top Wikileaks alternatives, you should be able to stay updated on the latest leaks in the digital world.

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