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Apple Launches Open-source Password Manager for Developers

Apple open source password manager

Apple has launched an open source password manager project for developers. It will facilitate the creation of strong passwords that can be used on major websites.

In the announcement, Apple revealed that access will be provided for developers to integrate explicit website essentials available on the iCloud keychain password manager. In this manner, users can generate unique, and impenetrable passwords which would also be available to other password management applications.

Conversely, Apple’s team of developers working on the project explains that the idea is to allow “developers of password managers to collaborate with the open-source resources to make password management more effective for general usage.

The new open-source Password Manager project will assist developers with quirks like:

  • Password change: This allows users to quickly access websites’ change password pages.
  • Password Rules: Rules to generate passwords that meets with the websites’ specifications.
  • Websites with Shared Credential Backends

3 Major Benefits Of The Apple Open Source Password Manager Project

  1. The offering of incentives for websites to deploy standards and to improve compatibility with password managers by openly recording website-specific behaviours.
  2. With little efforts, developers can upgrade the quality of their password managers by sharing resources compared to custom development from scratch.
  3. An improvement in the trust that users have in password developers, which rewards everyone by improving the quality of password managers.

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Noredia Imuwahen

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