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China suspected of hacking by Australian Government

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Australian Government agencies are convinced that the ongoing hacks and other cyber attacks targeted at state-owned industries and hospitals are being cause by the Chinese. 

Scott Morrison, the Australian Prime Minister revealed that the attacks are coming from a foreign state-based hacker and that the Australian Government do not wish to formally name the foreign state behind the hacking publicly. However, he did say that there are sources that show that China may be the ones behind it. 

According to Scott Morrison, the attacks are not new as they have been going on for a while and are becoming a persistent threat to the nation’s security. With the Government already aware and warned, he advised private sectors to stiffen their cyber security measures against hacks.

A majority of the hacking attacks have been targeted on local government and state government departments who have delicate economic and personal records in their database. 

While speaking, he said “These activities are targeting Australian institutions across a range of sectors, including all government levels, industry, education, political organisations, essential service providers, health, and managers of other very important infrastructure”. 

The Prime Minister made it known that since the start of the hacking attacks, there has been no major data breach of delicate information although they are still very harmful.

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Meanwhile, the Council of Foreign Relations revealed that China along with Iran and Russia are the three major countries suspected to be responsible for the ongoing attacks.

Rachael Fall, the chief executive office at the CSCRC – Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre – stated that now is not the time to point fingers at any country as being responsible as it’ll only serve as a distraction. 

According to her, where the attacks are coming from do not matter but what matters is the steps taken to protect the data being targeted. She further stressed that only the Australian Government and its Signals Directorate can point fingers if they want.



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