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5 Best Browsers for Online Gaming

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It is no secret that online gaming is the next big thing. It takes more than just having a gaming laptop with out-of-the-world hardware to have awesome online gaming experience. You might not have paid much attention to it, but pc browsers are a major factor when it comes to enjoying your online games.

Playing online games with bad browsers can cause glitches and sometimes, crash your browser.

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Best Browsers for Online Gaming

Below is a list of recommended web browsers that have been tested to be suitable for online gaming in no particular order.

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  1. Google Chrome

Chrome is unarguably one of the best browsers of our time. It is a fast, cross-platform browser developed and maintained by Google. Chrome also has a good user interface and great graphics which is relative to responsiveness and ease of access. However, Flash is no longer supported by Chrome, so if you are a Flash gamer, you would have to look at other alternatives provided below. In all, Chrome remains a fantastic browser for mostly Html5 online games.

  1. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is bouncing back into the race for the best browser after its decline over the years. Mozilla pumped some fantastic upgrades into Firefox this year and it has been working for them. Firefox Quantum update made the browser lighter and loads pages faster because it makes use of less RAM. The edge Firefox has over Chrome is that it still supports flash games and works most efficiently with augmented and virtual reality, which for me, is a huge plus for Firefox.

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  1. Opera

If you have a PC with low performing hardware or poor internet connection, opera is the browser for you. The good news for mobile online gamers is that Opera helps in compressing data to enable faster page loading. Opera also blocks adverts automatically.

  1. Safari

Just like other browsers listed, safari is also a great browser for online gaming – for only Mac and Ios gamers. Safari browser boasts of great graphics and a good interface. Safari11 has options that let you disable ads, thereby making your online gaming experience distraction-free.

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  1. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11 is not as fast as the other browsers listed above, but Microsoft makes up for its slow speed by using your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to render text and graphics which efficiently processes pages with heavy graphics.

Edge, a modern browser from Microsoft, has not gained popularity among online gamers but it is also one of the best browsers for online gaming. Worthy of mention is the fact that Edge has a perfect sync with Xbox live! This list of best browsers for online games would be incomplete without Internet Explorer and Edge.

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Listed above are the best browsers from the lot. You can try other browsers if curiosity still gets in your way but trust me, these browsers above are the best browsers for online gaming. In the end, selecting a suitable browser for online gaming depends on your preferences (the type of game you want to play, features of the game and so on).


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