Tips & Hacks6 Tips To Share Information Using Cloud Storage Secretly

6 Tips To Share Information Using Cloud Storage Secretly

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In this post, I will give you tips on how to share information secretly using cloud storage.

Many people enjoy using Cloud Storage. The backup systems on cloud software, such as OneDrive or Google Docs, mean you don’t have to worry about losing important documents or time-intensive pieces of work.

Syncing to the cloud also allows you to easily store data across multiple devices and seamlessly share and edit files with others. So you can easily keep track of your work documents or your score on gaming apps.

If you frequently store or share files across the cloud, cloud storage security is something to think about. This becomes an even more pressing issue in a workplace environment. Cloud storage is convenient for backing up important work files.

However, if these files contain sensitive data, companies must be sure that files can be shared and stored secretly. To make sure that this is the case for your cloud backup system, check out our 6 tips on online security using the cloud.

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Cloud Storage Definition

Cloud Storage Definition

Before we jump to the tips, let’s clarify. What exactly is cloud storage, and why is it so popular? Cloud platforms are online storage repositories for documents, images, spreadsheets, and any other information you wish to save online.

Clouds often back up automatically while you use them, so even if you accidentally delete a document on your hard drive, you can find it on the cloud. This takes a lot of the stress out of backing up.

You can also share files across the cloud, allowing other cloud users to see and edit your files. In fact, one of the main disadvantages of cloud storage is its strong point. The cloud is open, collaborative, and easy to use. But can it be all those things and also be safe?

6 Tips To Share Information Using Cloud Storage Secretly

1. Clear Your Files

Cloud Storage capacity is vast and it’s tempting to leave items sitting there without ever clearing out your files. However, if you’ve stored sensitive information on the cloud (and left it there for a long time), you could be at risk of security breaches.

Most cloud storage platforms have a bin where you can dispose of old files. Remember to also empty the bin from time to time, or if there are sensitive documents in there, as they will still be accessible before doing this.

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2. Encrypt Files

Encrypt Files

If you want full security on cloud storage, the best options for this include Firefox Send. Firefox Send is the only storage cloud that can encrypt your files, meaning you can only access them.

Even Firefox can’t see what’s in your storage space. This is ideal if you’re working with susceptible information and need top-of-the-line security and reliable backup.

3. Keep Tabs on Shared Links

Some storage platforms, like Dropbox or OneDrive, allow you to place expiry dates on links you want to share. This means that links will time out and become broken after a certain amount of time. They won’t just hang about in somebody’s inbox or browser, where they could potentially become a security risk.

Dropbox also allows you to keep tabs on how many times your link has been downloaded. This means that you can spot any potentially suspicious activity and move your information if you suspect unauthorized people are viewing it. Perfect if you want to share secure information between colleagues.

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4. Watch Out for Old Devices 

Watch Out for Old Devices 

One of the main advantages of cloud storage is the ability to access files across multiple devices. However, this can become a problem if you frequently change laptops, tablets, or phones.

If old devices aren’t broken, be sure to deactivate them so that no one can access your cloud through these portals.

5. Remove Old Share Users

If you’ve shared a file of documents for others to check or edit, remember to remove these privileges once these actions are no longer required. Leaving user privileges open can lead to problems if active users change devices or work from a shared device.

Keep track of who you’ve shared documents or folders with and whether or not these users are still active. If not, remove their access and keep the file secure.

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6. Use Two-Step Authentication

two factor authentication

One of the most popular cloud storage features is the two-step authentication process. This is common on cloud platforms like Google Drive.

Using two-step authentication if you want to reset your password protects against hackers trying to access your files. You should also be sure to set your authentication message to send to a private email or a phone you currently use.

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Tips To Share Information Using Cloud Storage Secretly: 5 FAQs

While cloud storage offers a convenient way to store and share information, there are situations where you might want to add an extra layer of secrecy. Here are some FAQs to address those concerns:

1. Can I upload confidential information to the cloud securely?

Yes, most cloud storage providers offer encryption options to secure your data at rest and in transit. This means even if someone were to intercept your files, they wouldn't be able to access them without the decryption key.

2. What are some additional security measures I can take?

  • Strong Passwords: Always use strong, unique passwords for your cloud storage accounts and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for added protection.
  • Encryption: Consider encrypting your files before uploading them to the cloud. This adds an extra layer of security, even if the storage provider itself is compromised.
  • Permissions: Be mindful of the access permissions you assign when sharing files or folders. Grant access only to those who genuinely need it.

3. Is there a difference between cloud storage and file sharing services?

Cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox are designed for general file storage and backup, while file-sharing services like WeTransfer or Dropzone focus on sharing specific files with others.

4. What if I need to share information with someone who doesn't have a cloud storage account?

Many cloud storage providers offer temporary link sharing options. You can upload your files, generate a link with an expiry date and password, and share the link with the recipient.

5. Are there any cloud storage services that prioritize privacy?

Some cloud storage services cater specifically to users who prioritize privacy. These services typically implement zero-knowledge encryption, which means the provider itself cannot decrypt your data. However, this can also mean less recovery options if you lose your encryption key.


There you have them, the 6 tips to share information using cloud storage secretly.

Cloud storage for business is extremely useful and can help maximize employee productivity and collaboration. By ensuring that your staff takes cloud security measures, you can enjoy all the benefits of the cloud. Perfect for convenient and secure sharing and storage.

Which cloud services do you prefer? Do you use cloud storage for personal or business accounts? Share your cloud experiences in the comments!


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