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How To Install & Activate Discovery Channel On Firestick

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In this post, we will show you how to install & activate Discovery Channel on Firestick.

Amazon FireStick allows you to transform any TV into a Smart TV by spending a few bucks. You can enjoy lots of TV channels, online streaming, and more on the FireStick. The stick is a USB type key that is connected with the TV's HDMI port and allows you to access a lot of online and stored content.

For its compact size, it can be easily carried when traveling. In this article, I will explain how to install & activate the Discovery channel on Firestick. So, get Discovery on Firestick and watch all contents on your TV screen.

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How To Install & Activate Discovery Channel On Firestick?

If you want to enjoy the Discovery channel on your Firestick device, you have to install and activate the Discovery channel on the Firestick. Let's see how to do it:

  • At first, connect the Firestick on your TV and install the Discovery app on your Firestick.
  • Now, start the Discovery app and a sign-up window will come on the screen.
  • Give all credentials as they want and then click on the sign-up button.
  • Login into account with the registered details and go to www.discoverygo.com/activate.
  • From here, you will get a code number and enter the code in the required place.
  • Choose the TV channel service provider to enjoy all the entertainment services.
  • Then, choose the device and activate it with the code number.

Now you can enjoy Discovery on your Amazon Firestick.

Set Up Amazon Fire TV Stick

After activating the Discovery channel on the Fire TV Stick's basic functions and commands, you can customize the device in a more advanced way from the Settings menu located at the top left of the screen. The menu consists of the following functions:

Notifications: Set preferences for suggestions and other Fire TV Stick notifications;

Network: Configure the Wi-Fi connection; Sounds and screen, where you can adjust the settings related to video and audio outputs;

Applications: Easily control the apps that are installed on the device;

Preferences: Set the parental control, the time zone, and more;

Device: Command the restart or reset of the Fire TV Stick and activate the developer options;

Accessibility: Adjust the settings related to the accessibility functions

My account: You can change the Amazon account linked with the FireStick.

Browse Discovery Channel On Amazon Fire TV Stick From Smartphones And Tablets

Amazon FireStick is handy to operate with an app and it is the FireStick Remote Control. The app’s operation is very easy: after downloading the FireStick Remote Control from the Play Store or the App Store, start the latter making sure that the smartphone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Then, select the name and enter the secret confirmation code from the screen.

Why Use Amazon FireStick To Watch The Discovery Channel?

Compared to the other streaming devices, the FireStick provides better HD quality videos and Dolby format audios. You can watch all the discovery programs in 4K and have a clear view. Its compact design allows you to place the same device more easily even when the HDMI input is placed in awkward places on the TV.

With the firestick, you have the possibility to use voice control to give precise orders that Alexa will fulfill in the best possible way. With dynamic images and bright colors, each content of the Discovery channel will turn into a truly unique experience.

Turn Your Smartphone Into The Amazon FireStick Remote Control

The key is supplied with its remote control for easy access to the various functions, but it is also possible to use your smartphone to get to the heart of the device options we describe.

How to do it? By downloading and opening the official Fire TV app (or similar apps like Cetus), the same layout as the remote will appear on display. Can't find the remote control anymore? No problem, check everything directly from your mobile. Can't find your smartphone anymore? Please note that the official Fire Tv app is available for:

  • Fire tablet from the 4th generation;
  • All Android devices with 4.0.3 or higher operating system;
  • Devices with iOS 7.0 or higher.

Now, watch Discovery on FireStick by converting your smartphone as a remote controller.

Final Words

We have shown the steps on how to install & activate the Discovery Channel on Firestick. By completing it, you can enjoy all the content offered by the Discovery Channel. The main menu of the FireStick is extremely intuitive: at the top left, there is the navigation menu to go to the Home of the FireStick.

You have to use the directional wheel on the remote control and select the Discovery channel contents to watch. Very simple! Also, it allows you to mirror the screen and enjoy all content on smartphones and other devices. It has so many features that make it reliable for all types of users.


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