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Roles And Responsibilities Of An Ethical Hacker

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This post will show you the roles and responsibilities of an ethical hacker.

An ethical hacker uses his knowledge to ameliorate and secure the technology of organizations or associations. Ethical hacker gives services to the associations by looking for weaknesses and susceptibleness, that can lead to jeopardizing or security breach.

This field is very interesting, and indispensable in this era. Every company does need such professionals who can save confidential information from other malicious hackers who may misuse it. Ethical hacking is an emerging field, and it plays the most important role in this world. 

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Responsibilities Of An Ethical Hacker

Responsibilities Of An Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker checks the linked vulnerabilities to any organization. One of the major responsibilities of an ethical hacker is to keep data safe from being stolen, or ill-used by malicious hackers. Ethical hackers play a very significant role in keeping the data safe from attacks and threats.

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About This Certification

Ethical Hacking certification gets a very high paying job in all the leading organizations. Certified Ethical Hacker Certification knows to tackle the complex technical issues, and identifies the vulnerabilities of a system. This is the reason that ethical hackers get a very high paying job.

Annually, the salary of an ethical hacker is $119,289. Moreover, there is an expected increase of 33% in job listings from 2020 to 2030. No company or organization can work without the assistance of ethical hackers.

Aspects Of This Course

You will get the certification after you pass the exam. You need to answer the questions in a given time. However, you need a complete guidance from the experts in this field who have years of experience, so that they can lead you in the right direction. 

The course from KnowledgeHut has a 100% success rate, and there are thousands of people who passed their certification exam on the first attempt. The whole syllabus is designed by the experts. The course is very comprehensive. 


There are no prerequisites for this course. People interested in IT security can join this course.

Advantages Of This Course

Advantages Of This Course

Career Guidance from Mentors 

You will have a complete guidance from the mentors, leading you. There is an assistance for you from the day one to the end of the session. You can seek help from them at any time, and the team will be there for you.

Different Tests and Quizzes

The study is based on different tests that will be helpful to you. There are assignments through which you will learn to solve a problem in a given time, and this will help you solve your problems in real-life better. 

Recall quizzes are included in these tests to make you familiar with the nature of questions, and their difficulty level. Furthermore, the mock tests help you in better learning, but also help you in your mock interviews. You can answer the mock interviews without any hesitation. 

Continuous Learning Assistance

There are webinars for the students which they are going to join. These webinars help them in their study. Moreover, e-books through which students will be learning on the go. This assistance includes articles, interview questions, and much more on the go.

This platform provides you with everything that could be useful for you in any way. So, This is what makes this course the best, and remains on the top with a success rate of 100%.

Tips and Techniques from the Experts

The experts have been in this for years. They have trained thousands of students, and they have performed everything practically. They have a lot of experience, and they know the tips and techniques that could be useful for you on the go. 

Furthermore, they will review your coding, and spot the errors. They will correct you, and check your work on routine base. In short, you are in safe hands if you are going to be a great ethical hacker.

Some Other Benefits

Benefits of ethical hacking

Live Sessions

There are 5 days for live sessions in which you can ask anything from the mentors, and they will answer you in the live class. You will interact with new people, and this will broaden your vision. These live sessions play a very important role in your learning.

No Exam Fee

You will receive an exam voucher for free, which you can use for one year. In other words, you will not need to pay to take your exams.

Learning Kit from EC-Council

You will have access to the whole course. In that course, you can study everything, or clear your doubts. Moreover, you will receive a learning kit from EC-Council.

Money-back guarantee

There is a 100% success rate of this course, as reviewed by students. Even if it does not suit you, you can get your money back.

iLab Membership

There is free membership for you from iLab where you can perform your work. You will expend your energy to get your results. This membership is free for six months, and you can use this whenever you want in this ongoing course.

Hands-on Learning

The course is based on practicals and hands-on learning. You perform each and everything you get from your mentors. This is not just theoretical work. KnowledgeHut provides you with this facility that you will perform everything practically, so that you do not face any problems.

Who Should Join this Course

  • IS / IT Specialist / Analyst / Manager
  • Network Specialist / Analyst
  • Network Manager / Architect
  • Security Analysts
  • IS / IT Auditor / Consultant
  • Network Consultant / Professional
  • Systems Administrator
  • IT Operations Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Security Specialists
  • Systems Analyst
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Security Manager / Architect
  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • Security Consultant / Professional  
  • Security Officer / Engineer
  • Security Administrator
  • Security Auditor

Conclusion – Roles And Responsibilities Of An Ethical Hacker

Ethical hacking certified professional gets a very high-paying job. This field has very important in every country of the world. Every bank, institute, infrastructure, banks, and other company do need ethical hackers. The sensitive information is kept safe by the ethical hackers, and this is the reason they get higher jobs. 

This certification will require proper guidance, and techniques through which one can study this, and appear in the ethical hacking certification exam. In order to prepare yourself for this exam, KnowledgeHut’s course is considered to be the best one. So, this course is highly recommended.


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