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7 Best VPN For 8 Ball Pool [WORKING]

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This post reveals the best VPN for 8 Ball Pool game.

8 Ball Pool game is a fun and addictive billiard game you can enjoy playing just like other popular online games like PUBG, Fortnite, BattleRoyale, etc. However, online games like 8 Ball are no fun without using VPN.

8 Ball Pool from Miniclip is an online billiard-themed table game much like the traditional snooker pool game. It is the most popular billiard-themed pool game with about 70 million players making it one of the most interactive and addictive online games available. You can play as a lone player or compete against other players online.

Playing 8 Ball with a VPN connection gives you the fun you seek by protecting you from online DDoS attacks, which is a common experience for online gamers, helping you bypass geo-restrictions, strengthening your internet connection for seamless gameplay, protecting your data and identity, and so much more.

Therefore, in this post, I will be focusing on the best VPN services providers that can provide you with VPN servers optimized for the best 8 Ball Pool gaming experience. Also, I will highlight key features of these VPNs that make them best suited for 8 Ball Pool.

Best VPN For 8 Ball Pool

1. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is the Best VPN For 8 Ball Pool

A VPN service with over 6000 servers spread in 90 countries, dedicated gaming servers, fast connection speeds, robust encryption mechanism, and a strict ‘no log' policy makes CyberGhost the best VPN provider for 8 Ball Pool.

Headquartered in Romania, a country with strict data privacy laws to protect its citizens' privacy. It is also not part of the 9/5/14 eyes alliance; for this reason, CyberGhost VPN is not obligated to keep or share users' data with any organizations,

Here is a list of the key features that make CyberGhost outstanding as the best VPN for 8 Ball Pool game.

  • AES 256-bit military-grade encryption protocol to protect users data traffic from hackers and spies
  • Supports Newer VPN protocols, OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, and PPTP VPN protocols for a secured and high-speed network connectivity
  • Effective kill switch technology to prevent data spill if the VPN connection accidentally trips off
  • DNS, webRTC, IPV4, and IPV6 leakproof to prevent your IP address and other identifying information from leaking out online
  • Unlimited data bandwidth
  • 1 VPN subscription for up to seven devices

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2. PureVPN


PureVPN, a Hong Kong-based VPN provider, is one of the oldest VPN service providers in the industry that made the list of the best VPN for 8 Ball Pool. It is a reliable VPN with robust encryption protocols, fast connectivity, and a strict no-logs policy.

Other PureVPN features include:

  • Military-grade encryption protocol to ensure that your encrypted data traffic is unbreakable
  • Over 2000 servers optimized for gaming, torrenting, and streaming spread in 180 countries worldwide
  • Optimized for high-speed using newer VPN protocol, OpenVPN, L2TP, and other robust VPN protocols
  • Unlimited data bandwidth
  • Compatible with over 50 devices
  • Supports port forwarding
  • Effective kill switch technology to ensure data safety when VPN connection accidentally breaks off
  • Split tunneling to let you decide what app use the VPN connection
  • 1 VPN subscription to 10 devices
  • 31-day moneyback guarantee

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3. SurfShark

Surfshark VPN

SurfShark is a new player in the VPN industry, but it is also one of the fastest-growing VPN out of the British Virgin Island.

Within a few years of its establishment, it has spread to over 61 countries worldwide and acquired over a thousand and fifty servers, which makes it a desirable VPN for gaming.

Features that make SurfShark one of the fastest-growing VPNs include:

  • It supports multiple robust VPN protocols optimized for speed and security
  • It uses AES-256bit GCM encryption protocol, RSA-2048, and Perfect Forward Secrecy for data safety and security.
  • 1 VPN subscription, unlimited device connectivity
  • Leakproof VPN connections to prevent it from leaking your original IP address and other identifying information
  • Chrome and Firefox browser add-on.
  • Antiphishing and antimalware features
  • Multihop VPN connection to allow users to connect to two servers at the same time

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4. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

If pricing is your major criteria for choosing an ideal VPN for 8 Ball Pool, then the US-based PIA is your best choice. It is one of the affordable VPN, offering premium VPN services for gaming, torrenting, streaming geo-blocked content, etc.

PIA VPN Features include:

  • It supports SOCKS 5, OpenVPN, and other robust VPN protocols that ensure faster and reliable connectivity
  • Strict ‘no logs’ policy that guarantees users’ data remain protected from access by law enforcement agents
  • 10 devices to one VPN connection
  • Multiple VPN Gateways and unlimited data bandwidth
  • Anonymous payment methods
  • IP leak-protection
  • 3,381 servers optimized for gaming, streaming, torrenting, and other purposes

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5. NordVPN


NordVPN is one of the best VPN providers with optimized features that makes it users' favorite; hence, making the list of the best VPN for 8 Ball Pool.

Based in Panama, a country with favorable data protection laws and also outside of the 5/9/14 eyes alliance; hence, it is not mandated to keep a log of users' activities.

Features that make NordVPN outstanding include

  • More than 5,500 optimized servers spread in over 59 countries worldwide
  • VPN protocols optimized for speed and security
  • Multi-hop connection to ensure speed and robust security
  • Military-grade encryption protocol to prevent compromising your data traffic security
  • 1 subscription, 6 devices
  • Strict ‘no logs’ policy

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6. Ivacy


This list would not be complete without mentioning Ivacy VPN, the 2019 winner of the Fastest VPN award.

Features of Ivacy that makes it the fastest VPN for 8 Ball Pool include:

  • Ultra-fast connectivity speed
  • More than one thousand servers optimized for speed, gaming, torrenting, etc.
  • Military-grade 256-bit encryption protocol for data traffic protection
  • Internet kill switch to prevent data traffic compromise when VPN connection accidentally goes off
  • Uses advanced VPN protocols to optimize speed and data security
  • Follows a strict ‘no logs’ policy
  • Split tunneling to let you choose what app connects to the VPN

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7. IP Vanish

IPVanish Best VPN For 8 Ball Pool Game

Here is a VPN service for bypassing geo-blocks if you're outside of the US, especially in countries where the 8 Ball Pool game is banned.

Below are features that make it perfect for 8 Ball Pool:

  • US-based with 1400 servers spread in the US and other countries worldwide
  • It uses VPN protocols optimized for speed and connectivity
  • It uses military-grade encryption protocol to secure data transmission
  • Strict ‘No logs’ policy
  • 10 devices, 1VPN subscription
  • Kill switch technology for data safety
  • Unlimited bandwidth

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All the VPNs highlighted above have standard features, which include high-speed connectivity, minimum of a thousand optimized servers spread worldwide, kill switch technology, a military-grade encryption protocol, fast and secure VPN protocols, split tunneling, and a strict ‘no-logs policy. These features serve as criteria that qualify them as the best VPN for 8 Ball Pool.

CyberGhost VPN is the best VPN for 8 Ball Pool because it has the highest number of servers. It is based in Romania, a country with favorable privacy and data protection laws that prevent individuals and organizations from harvesting users' data without their express permission.

Other reasons why CyberGhost VPN topped the list include affordability, high-speed game streaming, torrenting, and robust security features.


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