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Urgent: Android users warned to delete these vicious apps

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Unfortunately, vicious Android apps have been legitimately distributed on Google Play Store.

Lots of warnings have been going around to Android users these days. It was recently discovered that their WhatsApp messages could be read without their knowledge due to a worrying hack. Meanwhile, a British security firm called Sophos has also released a new announcement. Claiming that 15 Google play store apps are filled with deceitful hardware. And that they can hide on your smartphones and tablets. The worrying fact is that these apps have over 1.3 million downloads amongst them.

Vicious Android Apps

Fortunately, Sophos, in a bid to protect Android users, has released a list containing these vicious Android apps. They are:

1Scavenger – speed guard
3Read QR Code
4QR Artifact
5Photo Background
6Imagine Magic
8Generate Elves
9Flash On Calls & Messages
10Find Your Phone Whistle
11Background Cut Out New
12Background Cut Out
13Auto Cut Out Pro
14Auto Cut Out 2019
15Auto Cut Out


You are advised to check your Play Store downloads. To see if you have any of these apps.

Sophos gave some safety tips for Android users. Sophos explained the deceitful tactics of the ‘Flash on Call and Messages' app. According to a researcher, when the app is launched, it shows ‘incompatible with the device in question.' After that, in an attempt to trick the user, the app leads users to Google Maps app in the play store. As this is going on, Flash on Call and Messages app will disappear from the user's app drawer so that it cannot be uninstalled.

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Some of the above-listed apps trick users by changing their app icon picture to look like an essential and harmless app. These apps take the name of “Timezone services, update, backup, and Google Play Store.” to deceive users.

However, TechRadar, the British security firm, explained what to do to uninstall any vicious app. It Explained thus: tap Settings (the gear menu) and then Apps & Notifications. Then you will see a list of the recently opened apps. If any of the apps have a generic name, Tap the generic icon and then tap ‘Force Stop' followed by ‘Uninstall.

Though these listed apps have since been removed from the Google Play Store, users are advised to check for reviews on any new app they want to download from Google's Android marketplace.


Chandra Palan
Chandra Palan
Chandra Palan is an Indian-born content writer, currently based in Australia with her husband and two kids. She is a passionate writer and has been writing for the past decade, covering topics ranging from technology, cybersecurity, data privacy and more. She currently works as a content writer for SecureBlitz.com, covering the latest cyber threats and trends. With her in-depth knowledge of the industry, she strives to deliver accurate and helpful advice to her readers.


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