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What Is Backend As A Service (BaaS)?

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Here, we answer the question – what is Backend as a Service (BaaS)?

In recent years, smartphone users have started to depend heavily on their mobile apps and expect the most exclusive features from these apps. It has resulted in severe competition in the market and a challenge for app developers to design better apps in shorter periods.

All these reasons have made BaaS or Backend as a Service the most popular trend in the app development world. For app developers, the backend is an essential element to connect apps with cloud services, and BaaS has become a market driver in the commercial app-development scene.

Thus, it is mandatory for app developers and market investors to understand what Backend as a Service or (BaaS) in reality.

What Is BaaS?

What Is BaaS

BaaS, in simplest words, is a cloud computing service that offers backend support to the app. It is a medium that lets the developers connect the applications with respective cloud services with the help of application programming interfaces (API) and software developers' kits (SDK).

BaaS is an “API-first” development approach that focuses on API formation and later progresses to the formation of platforms. It functions on the knowledge that all apps and platforms need similar base elements, and developers can build several apps based on the same base.

This approach is exactly opposite to the Platform-as-as-Service (PaaS), where developers prepare the web page and later move ahead to create the backend for it.

Elements Of BaaS

Backend services are essential aspects of any app development. They provide the app with all the vital elements required for the functioning of the app. The most prominent aspects of a backend are –

  • Website Development
  • Database Management
  • Cloud Storage
  • User Authentication
  • Push Notifications
  • Remote Updating
  • Hosting
  • Server Code,
  • User And File Management,
  • Social Networking Integration, etc.

In short, the backend is a spot for all the behind-the-scenes activities on the app.

Benefits Of BaaS

Benefits Of BaaS

Backend-as-a-service serves as a reusable base for app development and offers enormous benefits to app developers and the users.

A few advantages of BaaS are –

  • Faster App Development – BaaS works as a permanent base for several apps and leads to faster development of apps.
  • Better User Experience – Collective insights from the apps, user behavior, and database lead to an incredible user experience.
  • Less Operational Costs – The backend services reduce the total costs of the app development and end the need to spend on services individually.
  • Less Workload – An effective BaaS reduces the requirements of a huge app development team as its primary focus is on connecting the API with the cloud service; hence, there is no need for a large developer team.
  • When the backend is easy to develop, it encourages the developer to act on the frontend, resulting in a better interface.


BaaS or Backend-as-a-Service is undoubtedly a revolutionary approach for developing software or apps and has become quite popular recently. Its powerful features can drastically improve the whole process and result in an enhanced user experience.

Studies show that the value of BaaS is going to boost in the upcoming years, and if you are an app developer or investor, adding it to the armor can be helpful, especially at a time when so many interconnected apps need to be developed, replaced, or designed in the market.


Daniel Segun
Daniel Segun
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