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Use UltData iPhone Data Recovery to recover data on Damaged iOS device

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This article provides you with user-friendly software for data recovery from a damaged iOS device with Ultdata iPhone data recovery. We would also guide you through the recovery process. You do not need any advanced computer knowledge. If you can read, you can recover your data.

What is UltData iPhone Data Recovery?

UltData iPhone Data Recovery is a unique software for data recovery. Also, it stands out among others for many reasons. First, it does not necessarily need an internet connection. Then secondly, it scans and reads encrypted iTunes backup files. Third, it is compatible with all iOS versions, including the latest iOS 13. In similar vein, its user-friendly interface makes it idyllic.

UltData iPhone Data Recovery allows you to recover data from many damage scenarios. Namely, water damage, system crash, broken screen, virus attack, etc.

What do you need to recover your data?

  • The damaged iOS device
  • A USB cable
  • A computer with UltData software installed on it (windows or mac)

How to recover data with UltData iPhone Data Recovery

With the UltData iPhone software, there are three ways to recover data from your damaged device. Photos, SMS, call history, App data, WhatsApp/Tango messages, etc. are all recoverable with each method. All methods are also effective and efficient in data recovery. Furthermore, they can be used on all iOS devices.

  1. The damaged iOS device
  2.  iTunes Backup
  3.  iCloud Backup

Now, we would guide you through the process of recovery

1. Recovery from the damaged iOS device

You can use this method if your touch sensor still works. You will also be allowed to preview photos before recovery. There are four easy steps to this recovery process. Namely;

Step 1: Connect your damaged iOS device to a computer

First, switch on and unlock your device. Then, connect the device to your computer via a USB cable. Next, launch the UltData software on your computer. The program will automatically detect your device.


  • A dialog box will pop on your device asking to “Trust this Computer?” Tap “Trust”
  • If your device does not appear on the computer, either re-plug it or change the USB cable
  • If your device freezes in recovery mode, click “Exit Recovery Mode” on the computer. Then wait for a few seconds, your device will be auto-detected again.
  • For black screen, you should click the “Fix iOS to Normal” option.

Step 2: Scan iOS Device for data

After detection, an interface will pop up for file scan type. Click the file type then “Start Scan”

Step3: Preview Data to be recovered

All scanned files will be sorted by category. You can recover all items or preview and recover some.

Step 4: Select recovery storage

Select “Recover to computer” to save all your data to your computer.

2. Recovery from iTunes Backup Files with Ultdata iPhone data recovery

This software also affords you recovery from your iTunes Backup on your computer. Below is a detailed process on how to recover your data from iTunes backup.

  • Select “Recover from iTunes Backup File”. The UltData program will automatically sort and display all backups on your computer. Select the backup file you intend to recover, then, click “Start Scan”
  • You can recover the deleted backup file with UltData. Click on the “Go get back deleted iTunes backup” menu at the bottom. Select the drive and click “Start Scan”. After the scan, you will see a list of deleted backup files.
  • Preview Files to be recovered, then click “Recover”
  • Choose and save files to recover, then click “Recover to Computer

3. Recovery from iCloud Backup Files

UltData can also recover files from your iCloud backup. Although will require an internet connection on your computer. Here is how to do it

  • 1: Select “Recover from iCloud backup file”, and then sign in to your iCloud account
  • 2: Select the backup file
  • 3: Select file type you want to recover
  • 4: Your download will start automatically
  • 5: preview files you want to recover
  • 6: Set up output format for files
  • 7: Click “Recover to Computer”

So, over to you. Were you able to recover your lost iOS data using UltData iPhone Data Recovery? Share your experience with us

For information on Ultdata Android data recovery you can checkout their official website.


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