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WELEAKINFO.COM has been Seized by the FBI

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has seized the domain name for WeLeakInfo and further arrested 2 suspected data breachers. The arrest was made on Wednesday by the Oost-Nederland crime team after the Dutch Police Force received a tip-off from the British National and Crime Agency.

The British National and Crime Agency had begun investigating the matter since last summer. The investigation also involved the German police and the FBI.

Both suspects have said to be the key characters involved in a data breaching scheme which was being run on the weleakinfo.com website. They illegally collect data of people – user names and passwords- and out them up for sale on the website.

At the time of the arrest, they had about 12 billion user names and passwords in their database. WeLeakInfo.com visitors gain access to all 12 billion credentials for 24 hours after paying a fee of $2.

Visitors could also subscribe weekly or monthly. A $7 fee was charged for a week,$25 was charged for a month while $70 was charged for three months.

They could do whatever they want which these data which is a major cyber risk. Some of the usernames which were sold on the website were discovered to be used in major cyber attacks that have targeted the US, Germany, and the UK.

Leading to the arrest, a search was carried out in 2 homes one of which is the house of one of the suspects. Investigators found an advanced device that was used to allow weleakinfo.com visitors to access the credentials for money.

This lead to the seizure of the website by the FBI. According to the Dutch Police Force, an international police investigation is still being carried out and for the time being, no specific information will be released by the Force.

Both suspects have made a whopping sum of about €234,000 as revealed by the British National Crime Agency (NCA).


John Raymond
John Raymond
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