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SecureBlitz Now Featured on Muck Rack

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In a recent development, SecureBlitz, a fast-rising cyber security blog, has been featured on Muck Rack – as a verified cybersecurity hub. The hub, which is only a few months old, was recently ranked among the top 100 cybersecurity blogs/websites by Feedspot; standing out as one of the ultimate go-to sites for all kinds of cyber solutions.

SecureBlitz, headquartered in the US, provides weekly updates and press releases of latest trends and happenings in the cyber-world. Furthermore, credible cybersecurity solutions, with concise how-to guides, are regularly featured on the platform; serving the needs of millions of cybersecurity enthusiasts on the internet.

Recent publications

As gathered from Muck Rack's recent press release, the following are top-ranked publications, featured on SecureBlitz.com in the past week.

  1. Meet AudiBrow: Secure Podcast Web Browser” – Published 6 days ago. Check out the link for more.
  2. 4 Top Streaming Services You Must Consider” – Published 24 hours ago; click on the link to view the article.
  3. 4 of the Best Cloud Backup Services for Personal Use” – Published one week ago; click the clink above to see the full article.
  4. How to Check Your IP Address” – Published one week ago. Check the above link for more.
  5. Is Brave Browser Better Than Google Chrome?” – Published six days ago. Check out the full publication via the provided link.

6 “AOMEI Partition Assistant Software Review” – Published a week ago; click the link for more.

  1. Exclusive Tips to Stop Cyberbullying” – Published one week ago. Check it out – to see valuable tips on how to stop cyberbullying
  2. 7 Strange Tips for Selecting an Antivirus” – Published one week ago. Looking to secure your computer against malware attack? Click on the above link.
  3. 12 Best Free Antivirus Software for Your Windows PC” – Published on week ago; click the link above to check out top free antivirus software.
  4. 8 Confidential Tips for Selecting a Password Manager” – Published one week ago; click the link to see the full article.

SecureBlitz on Muck Rack: Contact information

You can reach out to us or contact any of our journalists, via Muck Rack's media outlet. However, for convenience, you can easily reach out to us directly – by submitting your request on our website.

Furthermore, to request SecureBlitz's service, simply navigate to the designated page on Muck Rack, and make your request. You should, however, note that there are binding terms and conditions to such requests.

Lastly, you can easily contact us on social media; simply send your requests to any of the following social media channels:


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