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New WhatsApp Glitch: User Privacy Affected

Whatsapp glitch user privacy affected

The last seen feature on WhatsApp gives users the chance to decide who will see the last time they came online, with the default option set as ‘everyone.’

When WhatsApp launched, there was no option of choosing who will see their last seen, and this made some individuals complain that it’s an invasion of their privacy. This made WhatsApp update the app with two options which are; ‘my contacts,’ and ‘nobody.’

These newly added option has been beneficial for quite a several users, if not every user of the Facebook-owned app. The options can be used as a proof anytime you tell someone that you’ve not been online all day or all week on the app, as they won’t be able to detect the latest time you came online.

Literally, most people will go for the newly added options instead of the default option, as these options give them more control over their privacy on the app.

Users Complaints Regarding The WhatsApp Glitch

A couple of days ago, WhatsApp users complained about an issue with their WhatsApp, that they couldn’t see the ‘last seen’ of their contacts. This wasn’t the only complaint. They also complained about not seeing when their contacts are online or are typing, which is always shown at the top of the app.

When the glitch happened, users said that they were unable to change the settings back to ‘everyone,’ as they got an error message while trying, and it was stuck at remained at ‘nobody.’ If this new glitch turns out to be a major update on WhatsApp, it will give people less control over their privacy, and a lot of people won’t be happy about that.

If this turns out to be a major update, what would be your stance? Let us know in the comments section below.

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