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Mozilla Firefox Private Relay for proxy email addresses

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Mozilla has once again rolled out a new product in the form of an extension known as Firefox Private relay. This new addition to Mozilla numerous extensions was designed to generate a disposable email address for users on demand to fight off spamming and protect your privacy with users having full control over these email aliases.

The private relay was in testing mode last month and currently in beta stage, but available to the public as an extension on Mozilla Firefox browser. Mozilla wrote on the extension page that they will help forward any email from the alias generated to a user’s real email inbox”.

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Meet the Mozilla Firefox Private Relay

The current version 1.3.0 is an upgrade of the first version that was released on the 24th of April, the same day the first version 1.1.1 was rolled out. Users are expected to click the relay button just by the email field to generate an alias on the go which in seconds forward messages that come from the action to their main registered email address after downloading and installing the Firefox private relay extension on their Mozilla Firefox browser.

How does the new Firefox private relay work? Firefox Private Relay helps UI in generating random, unique, anonymous email addresses that automatically forward any email messages received to your main email address. These uniquely generated email addresses can be used to sign up on any websites, app services, or newsletters. It can also be used for business-related transactions.

Firefox private relay can also be used by users with concerns over hackers and online trackers gaining access to their real email addresses. using this service can keep your data safe from intruders because it can be disabled at any time when you are no longer in need of it.

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Mozilla becomes the second major technology giant to delve into private relay service after Apple. Apple made a public announcement at the 2019 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC19) stating that they would be launching an email alias service.

It is unclear if Mozilla intends to make this service free or attaching a fee to its usage, but we are likely to get an announcement on this when the service becomes a mainstay in the tech world.


Mikkelsen Holm
Mikkelsen Holm
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