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Most Dangerous Websites You Should Avoid in 2020

most dangerous websites 2020

We have entered into a new decade, the 2020s. more websites are appearing on the internet like never before. People visit different sites to do several things. People do shopping, play games, and watch movies online. Nevertheless, do you know that there are certain most dangerous websites that one should

5+ Golden Cybersecurity Tips for Students

Cybersecurity tips for students

There are vital certain cybersecurity tips for students that are important.  The truth is, cybersecurity is becoming a major challenge for all in this century, and that includes students too. With students' embracement of technological devices and the internet, they are also the main target for cybercriminals, hackers, and even

7 Best Password Managers for 2020

Best Password Managers for 2020

Since the invention of passwords, it has grown really popular, and today, almost every account and device has a password protection. For the year 2020, here are some password managers which we consider the best. To give the best, we will always update this list. A password is a string of

Best Parental Control Software for 2020

Best Parental Control Software for 2020

Towards 2020, so many kids are influenced by what they see online. A situation whereby kids are let to browse harmful content online, they might get corrupt and put up very bad behaviour. This is why parental control software are vital. If you want your kids to behave better, controlling their

How to Get Your Money Back From a Scammer on Western Union

How to get your money back from a scammer on western union

If you are looking for ways to get your western union money back from a scammer, this article will be of here.  Losing money to scammers is always disheartening. Scammers employ different tactics to extort money from unsuspecting scammers. Sometimes, a user may wire money over Western Union and suddenly