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6 of the Best Antivirus for Enterprise

Best Antivirus for Enterprise

As an enterprise – whether large or small scale – you should have an antivirus if you make use of computers – which you do. In modern times, cyber and network security has become a serious concern with different online and offline threats springing up every day.

The work of an anti-virus is to offer protection and you do need this protection. Why? The question will be answered later. For now, have a look at the best antivirus for enterprise you can invest in.

Best Antivirus for Enterprise

  1. Panda Endpoint Protection

Panda Endpoint Protection provides advanced protection for your enterprise. It is a centralized antivirus such that you can protect all your devices from a particular server. You can also exchange servers.

The antivirus can protect windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. Whatever laptop, server, workstation, being used in your company can be secured by Panda Endpoint Protection. It also works with Android devices.

With this antivirus, your computer network, devices, emails, and other web platforms will be protected from malware.

The software can also be used for network management. You can block certain computers from accessing the server and the internet by whitelisting.

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  1. F-Secure Business Suite

F-secure is about security and protection. The brand extends its services to entries with this Business suite antivirus and security software. The software was designed to provide a simple solution for your business security needs.

This antivirus software is capable of protecting your PCs from malware and vulnerabilities. It uses high-security levels to detect and remove these threats once they emerge.

It also integrates advanced management features that you can use to easily manage and control the security of your entire network and the connected computers.

You won’t have to do much. You can set automatic tasks to execute at scheduled periods while you carry out your normal business activities.

  1. BullGuard Small Office Security

BullGuard Small Office Security is a cybersecurity software for offices. Despite its description, large offices can also rely on the functionality of this powerful antivirus.

Also, this BullGuard software provides triple-layered protection for your enterprise. It protects your computers from malware and ransomware from both online and offline sources.

You will be safe from malicious websites as the software restricts access to them. It can also protect mobile devices like Android and iOS.

BullGuard Small Office has a lockdown feature; when the computers are not in use, it locks them against malware. Consequently, it lets you control all devices from a centralized management platform.

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  1. Thor Premium Enterprise

This is a next-generation security premium software for enterprise usage. It prevents your computers from malware and other threats with multi-layered security levels.

The antivirus features VectorN Detection which is very functional in scanning and detecting malware. It also features Darklayer GUARD which prevents your network from connecting with malicious websites.

Additionally, you get useful security insights with recommended actions to keep your devices safe.

  1. Kaspersky Enterprise Security

Kaspersky Enterprise Security software is an ideal solution for enterprises with cybersecurity issues. The antivirus not only detects and gets rid of viruses, but it also prevents future occurrences.

Kaspersky Enterprise Security uses threat intelligence to provide real-time protection for all your systems. It provides top-notch endpoint protection for blocking malware no matter their source.

The software provides APTs reports and advises on what to do in cyberattack cases.

  1. Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft recommends this antivirus for a business that makes use of Windows PCs. It is a platform that protects your computer from threats using advanced technology.

Your computers will be safe from malware, ransomware, and cyberattacks.

Additionally, Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection is a cloud-powered antivirus which makes it always updated. It is automates, which makes it easy to use.

It is incorporated with Windows 10 and synchronizes with Microsoft 365 for extended protection.

Why Do I need an Antivirus for Enterprise Usage?

You need an antivirus to protect your enterprise from malware and cyber-attacks.

As an enterprise, you would have very important files stored in your PC, mailbox, and other web databases. If these malware infects like viruses, they get corrupt and inaccessible. This translates to you losing very important data and is bad for your business.

Also, your business might be a target for hackers. If they succeed in stealing your company information, they might use it for fraud and other cybercrime activities. This has happened to so many enterprises already.

Also, an enterprise antivirus will prevent all these as it protects your computer from harmful threats. They protect your hardware, files, emails, web database, and more from being infected by malware or being penetrated by hackers.


Furthermore, making use of a good enterprise antivirus is something to ensure as a business organization. There are many antiviruses available, listed above are the best ones.

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