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Identity And Access Management Takes Up A Month Every IT Year

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Do you know that identity and access management takes up a month each year for IT? 1Password research finds 20% of workers don’t follow company security policies all the time, enabled by IT departments who empathize with pursuit of productivity.

A half-month-long survey carried out by AgileBits Inc. 1Password has revealed that in every IT year, identity and access management takes up one month. This was shown to be basically because not all workers follow their company security policies. 

The research which was conducted from April 15 to April 23, 2020, was carried out via an e-survey structure developed by Method Research and distributed by Dynata. It involved up to 1,000 desk-job employees all of which were employed in the United States. 

Out of the 1,000 employees, about 500 were staff in the IT department of their respective companies. The remaining were from all the other departments. In addition, all the interviewed employees were well above 18 years and were from different areas in the US. 

According to the survey results, IT staff tasks themselves with Identity and Access Management duties like tracking app usage and resetting passwords. This goes on for about 21 days, about 9 days shy of a full month. 

Going into more detail, the survey showed that 15% of IT staff engage in employee password resetting a minimum of 21 times every week. For about 57% of IT staff, they engage in the same for up to 5 times every week. 

The survey extended to Shadow IT behaviour in the current remote working situation and also the convenience, productivity, and security achievement power of the EPM. 

In all of this, a major problem revealed by the IT employees was the lack of reliable technology resources. Also, the reason why not all IT workers follow their company security policies was tied down to the concern for employee effectiveness. 

4% of IT staff do not enforce company security policies at all because of the inconvenience that comes with managing them and also because of the productivity of the company’s workforce. About 25% enforce the policies but not universally, only on specific departments. 

For 38% of the interviewed workers, their companies do not engage in robust security policies so the enforcement process is not very strict.

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Password managers like 1Password continue to make the task easier for the IT department and 89% of IT employees confirm this. 57% attest to passwords managers helping them save time and frustration while 37% confirms it helps improve productivity. 

They also help create happier employees according to 26% of the staff and another 26% attest to it helping in the prevention of cyberattacks.


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