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Google Chromecast Vs Amazon FireStick – Which Is Better?

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Read on for the Google Chromecast vs. Amazon FireStick comparison; we will reveal which is better in the end.

There are so many streaming services and sites out there now that it is hard to navigate them all. This is why there are perfect devices to help you with that.

Two of the most popular ones are Google Chromecast and Amazon FireStick. If you use a device like that, you don’t even need a smart TV to take advantage of many apps for even better entertainment. But which one is better — Google Chromecast or Amazon FireStick? Let’s find out.

Price Range

Both devices, Google Chromecast and Amazon FireStick, have different variations, and therefore the price also varies.

However, both brands are in a lower price range than other streaming devices. For example, the Google Chromecast edition from 2018 costs around $35. It comes with all the basic options. However, it doesn’t include a remote control.

Google Chromecast vs Amazon FireStick

One of the most popular options for FireStick is the 2nd generation Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, which costs $34.99.  

It offers more than the Google Chromecast and has a remote control. Also, if you take advantage of a fully-loaded jailbroken FireStick, you will get a cool device with outstanding functionalities. Jailbreaking is easy and doesn’t jeopardize your device in any way.


FireStick has a lovely interface and a number of great features. One of them is voice control, which is done with Alexa's help. This greatly facilitates the usage because you can search titles without typing them. Setup is straightforward, and you can do it in under 5 minutes.

After that, you can see different apps and services on the interface and the navigation menu on top. You can’t organize the apps; it is done automatically based on your usage. You can easily install new ones with a couple of clicks. 

Amazon FireStick vs Google Chromecast

Chromecast is easy to set up, but you must do everything through your phone since you don’t have a remote. Also, as the name suggests, you can cast content from your phone or tablet.

So, in a way, Chromecast turns your TV into a type of monitor you can screencast anything on. You can, of course, use some apps like the most popular streaming platforms on Chromecast.


Most of the devices from both types have the same — 1080p HD resolution. However, some variants support even better quality, and as you can expect, the picture will be better if you use the 4k variants. The Chromecast picture is also perfect and sharp.

Both devices have great colors, but maybe FireStick is a bit better in displaying black, which is black and not grey-like and blurred.

both FireStick and Chromecast

For the sound — both FireStick and Chromecast support Dolby Digital Plus. The slight difference is that FireStick supports version 7.1 and Chromecast only 5.1.

Both devices will be great for watching regular TV series. But if you would like to have more home movie theater experience, you should better go with the FIreStick option since the Chromecast sometimes causes visible lip-sync discrepancies. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Chromecast and Fire Stick:

Which device offers better picture quality?

Both Chromecast and Fire Stick support high-resolution streaming, with some models offering 4K HDR. The picture quality ultimately depends on your internet connection and TV's capabilities.

Is Chromecast easy to set up?

Yes, Chromecast is known for its simple setup process, typically involving plugging it into your TV's HDMI port and following on-screen instructions through your smartphone.

Can I use a Fire Stick without an Amazon account?

Yes, you can use a Fire Stick without an Amazon account, but you'll miss out on some features like Prime Video access and personalized recommendations.

Is Chromecast compatible with all TVs?

Chromecast requires a TV with an HDMI port. Some older TVs might need an HDMI adapter.

Which device is better for gamers?

Neither Chromecast nor Fire Stick are ideal for serious gaming due to potential latency issues. For a dedicated gaming experience, consider a gaming console.

Can I use both Chromecast and Fire Stick together?

Technically, yes, you can connect both devices to your TV using separate HDMI ports. However, it might be redundant, and using one or the other is typically sufficient.

Choosing Your Champion

  • Go for Chromecast if: You prioritize affordability, a wider range of apps, and seamless integration with Google Assistant and a Google TV interface.
  • Choose Fire Stick if: You prefer a voice remote for easy navigation, are invested in the Amazon ecosystem with Prime Video, or prioritize voice control through Alexa for your smart home devices.

Verdict: Google Chromecast Vs Amazon FireStick

Both devices are affordable, and you can find a variant that will be perfect for your needs. They are an excellent option for people without a smart TV or who just want to enjoy easier streaming.

Some features like Alexa and the better audio might put FireStick a bit further in the listing compared to Chromecast, but it is not such a big difference. Whatever you choose, you will have a great streaming device with which to enjoy content. 


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