Tips & Hacks10 Home Security Facts You Never Knew About

10 Home Security Facts You Never Knew About

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This post reveals the 10 home security facts you never knew about.

According to research, more than four thousand and eight hundred thefts/burglaries occur daily in the United States. At first glance, these statistics may seem frightening, but these thefts illuminate the significance of home security systems and the steps we must take to protect our homes.

Security systems give us peace of mind, knowing that our homes are safe and well-guarded against any burglary, theft, or crime. Yet millions of homes in the United States do not have any home security system.

You must know the facts about home security. It will help you to decide the security of your home.

Here are 10 home security facts to know.

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10 Home Security Facts You Never Knew About

Fact # 1: Home Security Is Not Just For The Wealthy People

A few years back, there was a rumour that only wealthy people could install security systems. The home security equipment was expensive, and the installation was very problematic. Home-watching services also require dedicated connectivity. However, home security arrangements are now in everyone’s budget.

Security gear is wirelessly connected and is not that complicated to install. Home security can be done at a cheap cost, and the availability of wireless systems is easy. The average loss of money due to theft fell from two thousand three to two thousand five hundred dollars. But the point is that most Home Security Systems don't cost much.

Fact # 2: Criminals Prevent Home Burglary With Security Systems

Criminals Prevent Home Burglary With Security Systems

While this statistic isn't surprising in the obvious sense, it's still essential to keep it in mind, according to a report which found that sixty-one per cent of convicted burglars admitted that the presence of a security system deters them from attacking these homes and that they often look for homes that ignore these measures. Home security signs on windows and in gardens are significant burglar deterrents.

You also need to ensure that your smart home security system is functioning correctly, as a portion of the remaining forty-two per cent assume that the system is not suitably armed.

Fact # 3: Home Security Systems Can Offer Complete Protection!

One of the most common misconceptions about security systems is that they only protect you against theft. While it is true that protecting your home against theft is the primary objective of these systems, their effectiveness goes further.

Today, you can opt for an advanced, feature-rich system with built-in electric eyes, gas leak sensors, and surveillance alarms. Even the latest systems respond to emergency medical emergencies and have proven effective rescuers. However, almost every system has a fire alarm connected to the fire department.

Fact # 4: Installing Home Alarm Systems Requires No Wiring

Wireless devices have revolutionized the home security market in recent years. Just a few years back, all sensors and camera equipment in the home had to be connected with cables and wires, which required special tools, equipment, and lots of work.

Now, it is possible and easy to configure sensors for doors, entrances, and windows in just minutes. All these sensors use batteries for power and wireless signals for linking. Security cameras are also so easy to install and connect. Even the central monitoring and surveillance devices are wirelessly connected to the home security service.

Fact # 5: The Fire Sensor Works Well With The Home Security System

Many home fire deaths occur when residents don't realize the fire until it is too late. That's why smart home security is imperative, alerting residents to any danger surrounding you before the situation escalates.

Fact # 6: Without Any Home Security System

Homes without home security systems are 299% more likely to be broken into if they don't have a home security system.

As mentioned above, many burglars avoid breaching into homes with a smart home security system. That's why it's always better to be safe than sorry and install an intelligent and robust home security system.

Fact # 7: No More Fear Of The Collapse Of Power

Home Security systems continue to operate during a power breakdown. No matter what model of security system you own or plan to purchase, rest assured that it will continue to function in the event of a power failure.

Generic systems that run on electricity are usually low voltage and, therefore, do not require much energy to operate. Many systems contain large batteries backed up when the main power is off.

Fact # 8: A Home Alarm System Is Worth It

A Home Alarm System Is Worth It

Folks often wonder whether adding an alarm system to their home is a good investment or not. Some even consider having a security system to be a total waste of money. You should consider what you might miss out on if your home lacks a security system.

Not only can you lose your money and valuables, but you can also lose your peace of mind. With a security system, you get all-time security to protect your family and home. In short, home security systems are worth it.

Fact # 9: Lower Your Home Insurance

Security systems can reduce your home insurance by up to 20%. You read it correctly. Home insurance is often added to a lump sum with your mortgage each month, so you may not even know what you are paying, and most insurance companies will reward the installation with reduced premiums.

Fact # 10: Peace Of Mind

The best benefit of having a home security system is the peace of mind it brings to you and your family. No matter where you are, you know someone is watching over your home and has your best interests in mind. You can take the trip of your dreams and enjoy a more restful sleep at home.

Home security systems also provide peace of mind for housekeepers and caregivers in your home while you are away. They can feel secure focusing on their work without worrying about potential theft.

Home Security Facts You Never Knew About: Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping your home safe and secure is a top priority for many homeowners. But there are many myths and misconceptions about home security. Here, we debunk some common questions and provide surprising facts you might not have known.

Are most burglaries random or targeted?

Many people believe that burglaries are random acts of opportunity. However, statistics show that 60% of burglaries are planned, and burglars often cause a neighbourhood before striking. They typically target homes that appear vulnerable or unoccupied.

What time of day are most burglaries most likely to occur?

Most people think nighttime is the prime time for break-ins. But you might be surprised that most burglaries happen during the daytime, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. This is when many homeowners are at work or school, leaving their houses empty.

Are alarm systems effective in deterring burglars?

Absolutely! Studies show homes with visible security systems are up to three times less likely to be broken into. Alarm systems not only alert you and your neighbours of a potential intrusion but also the flashing lights and sirens can scare away burglars.

What's the most common way burglars enter a home?

You might think that burglars always resort to breaking down doors or windows. But surprisingly, the most common entry point is the front door. 34% of burglars enter through the front door, often because it's unlocked or has a weak deadbolt.

Are security signs enough to deter burglars?

While security signs can be a visual deterrent, they shouldn't be your only line of defence. Savvy burglars might recognize generic signs and know a real security system does not always back them. However, security signs can be effective with other security measures like alarm systems, security cameras, and reinforced doors and windows.

Do home security systems make you more likely to get a discount on your homeowner's insurance?

Yes! Many insurance companies offer discounts on homeowner's insurance premiums for homes with security systems. In some cases, the discount can be significant, making the cost of the security system well worth it in the long run.


By understanding these surprising facts about home security, you can take steps to protect your home and your belongings better.

Remember, a layered approach to security is best, so consider combining different security measures to create a safe and secure environment for yourself and your family.

Which of the home security facts is your favourite? Leave us a comment below.


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