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5 Secure Online Payment Services to Consider

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Are you uncertain of the right payment service to use for your business or to receive payment? We have selected the best 5 secure online payment services for you!

When doing a national transaction, a local bank transfer can work just fine, but when transactions begin to cross the borders, more sophisticated online payment solutions will be required.

When making an online transaction, there are lots of factors to be considered. These factors include, but not limited to speed, reliability, and security. Of these, security is the most important factor to consider as it ensures the safety of your cash.

Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing the five most secure online payment services for everyone to consider every time.

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5 Best Secure online payment services you should consider

  1. Transferwise

For freelancers and others having some business to do online, this payment platform will not be strange. Transferwise has strong security features put in place to secure users’ money. Also, some of the security features include

  • Strong verification for every transaction. This includes retyping a password or taking a safer fingerprint or face detection scan for extra security.
  • Passwords will always be needed for logins, even when using social accounts
  • There is also a two-step login for extra security
  • Regulated by trusted agencies and phishing protection
  1. PayPal

PayPal is one of the most used online payment systems, and its security features can take responsibility for that. While users may complain of high fees, it is still unarguably the most trusted, used by merchants across the world.

Therefore, here are the reasons why users trust PayPal:

  • They have great email authentication features to protect again hackers’ mail from getting into users’ inbox. When a PayPal message lands in the spam box, it’s a scam.
  • Two-factor authentication features for login security.
  • With the latest encryption protocols, users’ information is safe and inaccessible, even by PayPal.

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  1. Payoneer

Payoneer is a flexible and secure online payment service with very sophisticated security techniques to keep transactions secure. It also supports bank integration and debit cards to ensure ease of use, but also exposure to more risks. Here are the security efforts Payoneer makes for protection:

  • Sophisticated anti-hacking techniques to prevent fraud and identity scams
  • Notifications about suspected unusual activity
  • Additionally, Payoneer utilizes strong encryption to protect all account details to make it inaccessible to anyone, inside or outside Payoneer.
  • Availability of a security team to review compromisations to accounts and view users’ complaints.
  1. Stripe

Stripe is a “payment processor” that enables a business to accept payments from its customers. It allows the transfer of payment from a customer to a merchant as payment for services or goods ordered with a credit card.

Thus, here are the security features that Stripe offers which makes it a good alternative for payments

  • Stripe encrypts sensitive information about every account with the secure AES-256 protocols and PGP keys for decryption
  • Speedy investigation of all breaches to securely protect user accounts
  • Attractive rewards of $100 more for every detected bug. The reward is based on the severity of the bug.
  • Stripe possesses the PCI Service Provider Level 1 certification, the highest payment protection security.
  1. Amazon Pay

Amazon is also another one of the secure online payment services out there that worth trying. Although, it primarily dwell on the large user base of Amazon, Amazon Pay is an online payment processing service owned by Amazon. Its powerful security features include

  • Two-step verification
  • Secure connection protocols
  • Amazon Pay has articles guiding users on the best security tips to prevent hacking.

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There is nothing as painful as being a victim of scam and losing hundreds of dollars to undeserving scammers. Using an insecure online payment service keeps one vulnerable to this threat.

Therefore, to avoid this, one of the secure online payment services discussed should be used, along with personal security measures to ensure maximum safety.

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