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Essential Google Chrome Add-ons for Security

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Google Chrome is believed to have the largest user base worldwide due to some of its unique features such as easy syncing, swift performance and clear interface. Nevertheless, it also utilizes some add-on for better experience. Note that some of these adds or extensions are not secure. Using insecure add-on leaves your browser at the mercy of a third party. Therefore its essential you use a Google chrome add-ons for maximum security.

In this post, we shall be looking into some of the secure add-ons essential for Google Chrome browser security. Below are a few

Essential Google Chrome Add-ons for Security

  • AdBlocker Ultimate

As the name implies, AdBlocker Ultimate blocks off all forms of ad pop-up whether acceptable or otherwise. This is simply because it is not registered to or sponsored by any organization. Therefore no form of ad is allowed to pop-up on your device while you surf the net. Although AdBlocker Ultimate blocks off pop-ups, users can still decide which website ads they would like to receive. This can be achieved by whitelisting the preferred websites.

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  • Print Friendly & PDF

Another essential Google Chrome add-on is the Print Friendly & PDF. With this extension, ads and other unnecessary items won't be on any web articles. Print Friendly & PDF gives users the opportunity to determine the text font size, choose image or which link to printout.

  • Avast Online Security

With Avast Online Security, the safety of your device while browsing is certain. It blocks unwanted sites and contents off automatically to protect your device. Thus, it also block off any form of spy network or link trying to access the data on your device as well. Once you install the Avast secure browser in your device, the add-on turns on automatically to protect your device regardless of which site you visit.

  • Pablo

Pablo is yet another secure add-on which enables its users to securely save and share images on various social network platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. The Pablo dashboard shares a striking similarity with that of Buffer Social Media. Images gotten from any social media platform are customize into the desired format.

  • Blur

Blur helps keep you safe online by protecting your passwords. It is one of the common password manager. Blur ensures that your browser logs are not trackable.

  • TweakPass

TweakPass is also a good password manager that keeps your password protected when you surf the net. It stores all your passwords in a safe lock and allows you to login quickly into your accounts without exposing your passwords. With the use of TweakPass on Google Chrome you can worry less about the safety of your passwords.

  • Disconnect

Disconnect disables cookie and other tracking devices or links from accessing your browsing logs. This is one of the best Google Chrome security add-on that protects you from malware and any other third party trying to access your data online.

There is a continuous and endless list of different available Google Chrome add-on for security. Their essence and purpose should never be for granted. To keep your device protected at all times, download and install as many add-on as needed and have them updated constantly

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Chandra Palan
Chandra Palan
Chandra Palan is an Indian-born content writer, currently based in Australia with her husband and two kids. She is a passionate writer and has been writing for the past decade, covering topics ranging from technology, cybersecurity, data privacy and more. She currently works as a content writer for SecureBlitz.com, covering the latest cyber threats and trends. With her in-depth knowledge of the industry, she strives to deliver accurate and helpful advice to her readers.


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