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eCommerce Design Trends 2022

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Read this post for eCommerce design trends.

Due to the recent work-from-home situation, eCommerce has become increasingly popular. People enjoy buying goods online in terms of time and cost-efficiency. The reality is that online shops provide more beneficial deals for customers because people running eCommerce don’t have to pay for rent, electricity, etc.

The biggest challenge lies in severe competition. You should create a unique and eye-catching ecommerce app design to attract new clients. Since this field is quickly evolving, recent trends appear all the time. 

Even if you have been in the eCommerce business for quite a long time, you may need to change the website’s appearance.

Below is an inventory of the most popular design trends to keep your product abreast of the times and attract new customers. This information will be entirely beneficial for both business owners and web designers as well. I hope you will take our tips seriously.

eCommerce Design Trends

1. Real-life textures

The fact that people enjoy buying things online doesn’t mean they don’t want to understand what they are purchasing. Textured backgrounds and real-like objects are trendy nowadays. 

Your website should find the right balance between the digital and physical worlds. It will help establish trusting relations with the clients.

2. Improved filtering controls

Improved filtering controls

Since online shopping has become increasingly popular, the number of offers has also increased. Sometimes, finding the product you need may be a big challenge. 

To make your eCommerce more client-oriented, pay enough attention to search filters. However, such filters are not new; they will become even faster and easier to use. 

Make sure your clients can opt for the most important aspects for them and view offers according to them. It can be price, the number of rave notices or delivered orders, popularity, etc.

3. Color palette

Some people underestimate the importance of colour palettes for making web design appealing. We will witness the popularity of neutral colours for eCommerce. 

Bright and aggressive colours are believed to hamper long website browsing because they influence eyesight and particular brain parts. With the help of such colours as soft pink, blue, creamy, etc, professional designers can create unique layouts and styles. 

Moreover, a range of illustrations are used to enhance such a palette. The variety of styles and techniques will take you aback! Luckily, you can easily find illustration examples and use them.

4. Creative layouts

Creative layouts

Layouts stand for the structure of website information. Many people make use of design templates presented on e-commerce platforms. Such layouts are usually appealing and can satisfy the demands of online shop owners. 

However, in terms of severe competition, such templates are no longer eye-catching. Your design must be creative and unique to attract and surprise new customers. 

You can use 3D animations, gifs, unconventional geometric forms, and different attractive elements to make your website stand out.

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5. Advanced voice user interfaces

To keep abreast of the times, make use of technological wonders! With the help of artificial intelligence, you can improve the quality of your eCommerce services.

Voice search will boost the popularity of your eCommerce platform because people highly appreciate functions that can save them time and effort. Customers can make requests in complete sentences thanks to the voice user interface. To make it possible, several keywords and content should be integrated.

6. Smartphone friendly

Smartphone friendly

Nowadays, people tend to browse the Internet with the help of their mobile phones. Due to this, your website must quickly adapt to a small screen without sacrificing quality and performance. Ensure the interface of a smartphone version of the website resembles a mobile app. 

In such a way, Internet users will quickly understand how to use your services. The colour of textures, size of buttons, and pictures should be worked out in the most minor details.

7. Loading time

Last but not least is the loading time of all website elements. It would be best to make your eCommerce platform entertaining and sophisticated without sacrificing the loading time. 

If you make your customers wait, they quickly get irritated and skip to other eCommerce providers.

eCommerce Design Trends 2022: Frequently Asked Questions

What were some of the most prominent eCommerce design trends in 2022?

Several key trends emerged in 2022, focusing on enhancing user experience, building trust, and driving conversions:

  • Personalization: Tailoring product recommendations, offers, and content to individual customer preferences.
  • Immersive experiences: Utilizing 360° product views, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) to enhance product visualization.
  • Minimalism and clean design: Simple layouts, white space, and clear navigation prioritising user-friendliness.
  • Microinteractions: Subtle animations and interactive elements to engage users and improve product understanding.
  • Conversational interfaces: Chatbots and voice assistants offering personalized support and product recommendations.
  • Social proof and user-generated content (UGC): Integrating customer reviews, social media feeds, and influencer testimonials to build trust and authenticity.
  • Sustainability-focused design: Eco-friendly themes, packaging information, and carbon footprint transparency resonating with environmentally conscious consumers.

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How relevant are these trends today (in February 2024)?

Many of these trends remain relevant and are likely to continue evolving in 2024. Personalization, immersive experiences, minimalism, and user-friendly design remain crucial for user experience and engagement.

New technologies like AI and chatbots continuously develop, enhancing personalization and customer interactions. Additionally, ethical and sustainable practices are becoming increasingly important for consumers, making sustainability-focused design an ongoing trend.

Are there any new trends emerging in eCommerce design for 2024?

While building upon existing trends, some newer developments are gaining traction:

  • Metaverse integration: Exploring integration with the metaverse, potentially offering virtual stores and product experiences.
  • Live commerce and interactive shopping: Livestream events with product demonstrations and real-time interaction are gaining popularity.
  • Voice search optimization: Optimizing websites for voice search as voice assistants becomes more prominent.
  • Accessibility focus: Ensuring inclusive design experiences for users with disabilities is becoming increasingly important.

Drawing Conclusions

If you want your eCommerce platform to flourish, you should develop a unique web design. Be creative and innovative.

Don’t be afraid to use unconventional forms, layouts, and figures. Ensure your website is client-oriented and meets all the online buyers’ requirements.


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