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Is Voltage Stabilizer Required For Inverter AC?

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In the inverter AC, a voltage stabilizer is required since it manages fluctuations in power and avoids irreparable harm. Perhaps a certain stabilizer has a fluctuating mechanism i.e., an S-UTR compressor that manages fluctuations. However, although the variations surpass their range, they cannot regulate them.

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We spoke to a representative from 2nd City Gas Plumbing & Heating and they said, “Voltage stabilizers are devices that regulate the amount of voltage your appliance receives. When the voltage in your area fluctuates, a stabilizer ensures that your appliance receives a constant flow of power. The voltage stabilizer makes sure that all your gadgets and appliances perform properly without any unwanted damages.”

Benefits Of Voltage Stabilizer For AC

A stabilizer is needed for any appliance that is vulnerable to power fluctuations. The air conditioning inverters are not resistant to fluctuations in strength. More than capable of killing them, a voltage spike is. That's why it's important to read the instruction manual and properly use the AC. If you own a Toshiba AC you can find a Toshiba air conditioner manual online if you lost yours.

Stabilizers can avoid this from occurring. Some individuals have argued that stabilizers are not required for inverter air conditioners. They believe that modern air conditioners have mechanisms that protect them from fluctuations in voltage.

Nonetheless, this is only partially accurate. These built-in mechanisms can protect only from variations within a certain range. In the absence of additional protections such as voltage stabilizer, you can lose your air conditioner if the fluctuation exceeds the allowable range.

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Some individuals argue that the above problem must not be concerned in areas that do not suffer dramatic fluctuations. The inbuilt safeguards of the air conditioner can seem to keep them safe. However, the variations within your region cannot be regulated or expected. If a loss wildly fluctuates the stress, before you realize your mistake, you might lose your air conditioner.

That is why, while fluctuations are uncommon in your area, you are still advised to use a stabilizer only to abstain from an unexpected event. Also, it protects your valuables from sudden and unforeseen voltage spikes or drops.

How Does A Voltage Stabilizer Work?

A voltage stabilizer operates by boosting and bucking.

The stabilizer will reduce the voltage when the voltage coming into your home reaches the amount defined by the appliance manufacturer, keeping it within the acceptable range.

This prevents the appliance from being fried by voltage spikes. The stabilizer will raise it if the voltage coming into your home drops below the necessary level. This will prevent the power supply gap from dramatically restricting your appliance's output.

What Is An Inverter AC?

These are very different from a non-inverter AC as through absorbing the air within a room and using an evaporator to cool it before forcing it back out, a traditional air conditioner operates. But the functions of a normal AC rely heavily on the compressor.

Yet there's not always a compressor on. In the beginning, when the AC has just been turned on, the device will activate. The thermostat will warn the compressor until the specified temperature is reached, allowing it to shut off.

After this process, the sound you hear from your AC comes from the fan that remains on. Only if the temperature rises above the specified amount the compressor activates.

Also, Inverter ACs use just as much energy as a certain room needs to cool down. That is to say, they are adjusting their operations to suit each room's demands.

Can We Connect AC Without A Stabilizer?

You can attach it without a stabilizer if your AC has an S-UTR compressor. Its internal mechanisms can maintain the power supply of the air conditioner secure.

What if there is no S-UTR compressor in the device? Well, several manufacturers say their ACs have stabilizers integrated so there’s no need for an external stabilizer.

However, in their manuals, these same manufacturers still caution against the protection of the air-conditioning in the case of a severe fluctuation of power by their inbuilt stabilizer.

So, without a stabilizer, you can attach an AC. But it would be much better to get an external stabilizer.

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How Much KVA Voltage Stabilizers Are Required?

For example, if you want a 1000 watt appliance to be covered by your stabilizer, you need a stabilizer with a rating of 1.2kVA (1,200 VA). Also, you require a correct size stabilizer according to your equipment’s requirement.

Is Inverter Technology Energy-Efficient?

In an AC non-inverter, before shutting off, the compressor only turns on long enough to lower the temperature to the amount necessary. As such, it means that paramount power is utilized by inverter ACs as compared to non-inverter counterparts.

But the opposite is real as the AC inverter compressor remains on. The inverter technology, however, controls the quantity of power used by the compressor. But in non-inverter ACs, that doesn't happen as their compressors perform at full capacity at all times, thus, reducing the power consumption of your home in the long run.


Technically speaking, you can do without a stabilizer, particularly if your AC inverter is a modern model. However, you cannot guarantee the protection of your air conditioner unless it includes an S-UTR compressor, including an integrated stabilizer. That is why homeowners are advised to use a stabilizer to take the careful lane.

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