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Oh Boy! Stellar Black Friday Deal

Stellar Black Friday Deal

This post will show you the Stellar Black Friday deal.

Words won’t be able to describe how you would feel when you lost highly important and confidential files, or your computer crashes amid important work, or you suddenly lose one of your partitions without proper file backup.

Most individuals and organizations do not attach much importance to data backup and recovery tools until they have experienced data loss due to crashes, malware attacks, or hard-drive failures.

Suppose you’ve lost important data in the past as a result of file inaccessibility due to malware attacks, inaccessible partitions, system crashes, file deletion, unrecognized formats, temporary or permanent file deletion, etc. In that case, it is heart-warming to know that data recovery is possible using data recovery software and utilities.

One of such data recovery utilities available is the 6-in-1 data recovery suite. The Stellar Data Recovery Suite can recover varieties of data such as documents, images, audio and video media, etc., from a range of mobile and desktop devices including iOS, and Windows devices.

Stellar Black Friday Promo (6-in-1 Product Bundle)

For Black Friday, Stellar is offering its 6-in-1 utility suite for the price of one and at a whopping 82% discount. Hence, for $39.95, you get the following Stellar recovery utilities:

  • Stellar Data Recovery (Standard): The Stellar Data Recovery is a powerful utility for recovering data from formatted hard drives, deleted disk partitions, corrupt data disk, SSD/HDD, and RAID arrays both for Windows and Mac OS.
  • Stellar Password Recovery: This is a powerful password recovery tool for recovering and resetting Windows server password.
  • Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone: This is a powerful software utility for recovering lost or deleted data such as photos, messages, conversations, browsing history, contacts, notes, etc., from iPhones.
  • Stellar Repair for Photo: With Stellar Recovery for Photo, you do not need to worry about not being able to view corrupted or damaged photo file formats. The Stellar Repair for Photo can repair several image formats, including ARW, CRW, DNG, JPEG, JPG, TIFF, etc.
  • Stellar BitRaser File Eraser: This awesome tool can erase sensitive documents, photos, videos, etc., erase all traces of banking details and passwords saved by browsers, delete all cookies and browsing traces, etc., when you feel the need to protect your sensitive data.
  • Stellar Converter for Audio and Video: This Stellar converter tool can convert several audio and video formats with different codecs, resolutions, framerates, and bitrates to any video or audio format of your choice. Additionally, it can be used as a video editing tool to trim, crop, merge, add special effects, watermarks, subtitles, etc., to videos.

Bottom Line

Stellar Recovery Software Suite consists of powerful recovery utilities capable of retrieving lost or corrupted files, including documents and media from various disks and devices. It also contains tools for additional functionalities such as File Eraser, audio and video converting, and editing tools.

Take the chance of the Black Friday season to obtain all six utility tools at the price of one, and at an amazing 82% price discount, the highest in its Black Friday history.

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