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6 Most Popular eBay scams

Six most Popular eBay scams

The majority of the eBay scams happen on the eBay platform between a buyer and a seller. However, there are other scams perpetrated with eBay's name without being a seller or a buyer on eBay.The good news is this: as a buyer or a seller on eBay; you can recognize

3 Most Secure Operating Systems

3 Most secure Operating Systems

The key to online security is using one of the most secure Operating Systems. However, opinions differ as per the most secure OS for daily use. When it comes to choosing the most secure OS, you need to consider how fast the vendor releases a patch when a vulnerability is detected

How to Protect Your SaaS Applications Against Ransomware

protect saas applications against ransomware

SaaS adoption is growing at a faster rate than ever, with a Deloitte survey from the end of 2018 revealing that a massive 93% of respondents reported that they were adopting or at least considering cloud computing, with over half expecting to use cloud software for mission critical applications over

5 Common Online Scam Tactics

Common Online Scam Tactics

For most Europeans as well as others in diverse continents, a major source of tragedy over the years and since the advent of the internet has been online scams. These common online scam tactics has being a daily topic. It's not something so new in this recent age as people

6 of the Best Antivirus for Enterprise

Best Antivirus for Enterprise

As an enterprise – whether large or small scale – you should have an antivirus if you make use of computers – which you do. In modern times, cyber and network security has become a serious concern with different online and offline threats springing up every day. The work of an