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SANS to host a Momentous Cybersecurity Training Event in the Gulf Region

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Calling all cybersecurity professionals in the Gulf Region! The SANS Institute, a recognized leader in cybersecurity training and certifications, is hosting its biggest ever regional event in Dubai this November.

Two Weeks of Intensive Training (November 16th – 28th, 2019)

From November 16th to 28th, 2019, SANS will offer a comprehensive two-week program designed to equip security professionals with the critical skills they need to combat today's cyber threats.

Ten intensive information security training courses will be delivered by SANS' highly qualified and experienced instructors.

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Addressing the Growing Need for Cybersecurity Expertise

The Gulf Region has witnessed a rapid rise in digitalization in recent years. Unfortunately, this progress has also made it a prime target for cybercriminals and nation-state hacktivists due to its strategic and geopolitical importance.

Empowering Regional Security Teams

The SANS Gulf Region event directly addresses this critical need. The program is designed to equip security experts across the GCC with the in-depth technical knowledge and practical skills necessary to stay ahead of cyber threats and protect regional organizations.

Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: The course offerings will cover a wide range of essential security topics, including incident response, digital forensics, threat hunting, reverse engineering, hacker and network tools, forensics, and purple, red, and blue team skills.
  • Hands-on Learning: Participants will benefit from extensive hands-on lab time utilizing real-world malware samples and pre-built virtual machines, providing practical experience in investigating and analyzing cyber threats.
  • DFIR NetWars Tournaments: A unique feature of the event is the inclusion of two free DFIR NetWars tournaments. These tournaments, offered with any 4-6 day course registration, simulate real-world security incidents and help organizations identify areas where their response teams may need additional training.

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Expert Instructors Leading the Way

The SANS faculty boasts renowned instructors with extensive real-world experience. Here are some featured courses and instructors:

  • SANS FOR610: Reverse-Engineering Malware: Malware Analysis Tools and Techniques (Taught by Jess Garcia): This course is specifically designed for incident responders, security engineers, and forensic investigators, providing them with the necessary skills to analyze and dissect malicious programs targeting Windows systems.

  • SEC599: Defeating Advanced Adversaries; Kill Chain Defenses and Purple Team Tactics (Taught by Erik van Buggenhout and Michel Coene): In today's complex threat landscape, purely preventative security measures are no longer sufficient. This course equips participants with the skills to implement a holistic “kill chain” defense strategy, combining detection, response, and proactive measures to counter sophisticated cyberattacks.

  • SEC504: Hacker Tools, Incident Handling, Techniques, and Exploits (Taught by Chris Dale): Participants in this course will gain a fundamental understanding of attacker methods, tools, and exploit techniques used in real-world security breaches. This knowledge is critical for developing effective incident response strategies and staying ahead of evolving threats.

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Investing in the Future of Cybersecurity

SANS is committed to fostering a culture of self-reliance and advanced cybersecurity expertise within the GCC region.

By providing state-of-the-art training and industry-recognized GIAC certifications, SANS empowers individuals and organizations to protect themselves from cyberattacks and safeguard valuable assets.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain the critical skills and knowledge needed to excel in today's ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Register for the SANS Gulf Region event in Dubai this November!

Note: This was initially published in October, 2019 but has been updated for freshness and accuracy.


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