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AOMEI Partition Assistant Software Review – Benefits and Features

Do you need a free partition manager software to solve your partition problems? AOMEI Partition Assistant offers the best services when it comes to partitioning related activities.

What is AOMEI Partition Assistant?

As its name suggests, Partition Assistant is a software used for partition management. These include creating, merging, parting, resizing, deleting, and many more tasks. The tech firm behind this tool is named AOMEI Technology. They are known for creating tools that are often used to solve technical problems.

The usefulness of this free partition manager software by AOMEI is recognized by various IT organizations. The tool simply resizes and clones disk without limitation. It is utilized for migrating a full system to a solid-state drive. Talking about the interface, it appears very friendly and easy to use.

Benefits Of AOMEI Partition Assistant

Here are its benefits:

  1. Partitions resizing is carried out without limitation. Users also don’t have to bother about losing data.
  2. Its interface is easy to use. Besides, managing partitions like splitting, merging, creating, and deleting does not require much effort or time.
  3. It allows you to migrate to a solid-state drive, making the process very easy.
  4. Users can convert disk in a secured process without data loss.

Features Of AOMEI Partition Assistant

Its features are listed below;

  • Recovering partition
  • Checking for bad sectors
  • Partition checking
  • Partition aligning
  • Partition changing and other partition related activities

Pricing Plans

Here are its pricing plans.

  1. Partition Assistant Standard – This plan is free. Users benefit from some of its features like conversion of disk, partition resizing, creating bootable files, and many others.
  2. Partition Assistant Professional – Users can opt-in for this plan with a cost of $47.95. It consists of all the features in the standard version. Besides, there are advanced features for users, mostly technicians.
  3. Partition Assistant Server – Available at $179.00. This plan is ideal for carrying out partitioning tasks on servers most especially Windows Server (All Editions).

Lastly, AOMEI offers the Partition Assistant (PA) Technician package (with a cost of $699) which allows IT consultants to provide technical service to unlimited individuals and companies.

Provide charged technical service to unlimited companies and individuals

Download AOMEI Partition Assistant from the official website.

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