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Meet AudiBrow: Secure Podcast Web Browser

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AudiBrow has redefined news consumption – offering readers a podcast-styled browser for LISTENING to blogs and written contents on the web.

The platform transforms written news contents/articles (in DOCX or TXT format) into audio notes (in MP3 format). Featured contents are gotten directly from prominent cable channels and blogs; while readers are afforded the opportunity of reading such news (in their original format) or listening to them (as voice-notes).

Additionally, there is timely coverage of global events, which are brought to fore as they unfold. Hence, you get to check out the latest news as they are released, while going about your normal chores.

What is AudiBrow?

AudiBrow serves a podcast application, while also doubling as a secure web browser. It's primarily known for its text-to-voice conversion of written web contents – reading out news pieces (or blogposts), in standard American accent.

Typically, reading a 1000-word news piece could be time-consuming and exhausting. However, with AudiBrow, you get to “listen to news” from your favorite blogs and cable channels; instead of wasting quality time reading them.

According to the app's developer – BigEngage Inc – AudiBrow is primarily designed for two classes of people;

  • people with poor vision; and
  • people on-the-go (driving or walking).

The voice output on the platform is more or less the same as a that of a typical CNN or FOX News anchor; though, the entire process is automated, using standard text-to-voice AI technology.

What content can you listen to?


AudiBrow understands diversity in people's interest. Hence, the app covers latest news from the world of sports, business, politics, and technology.

You typically get access to the following news channels and blogs:

  • Tech News: TechCrunch, VenureBeat, Cnet and more
  • Sports: CBS Sports, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, BBC Sports and more
  • Politics: CBS News, CNN Fox News, Reuters, The Washington Post and more
  • Business: The Economist, The Verge and more.

With unrestrained access to contents from these channels and blogs, you are readily informed on global trends and happenings. And all you need is AudiBrow and your earplug or headphone.

Try AudiBrow: Get the app

You should have gotten a Apple TestFlight link from us by now. In case you've not gotten it, here's the link:

AudiBrow TestFlight

Click on the link above, and follow the screen prompts to install and test the “secure podcast web browser”. Also, take note that the app is only available to iPhone/iPad users.

Tips to secure AudiBrow

AudiBrow is a secure browser; nonetheless, the tips herein would further reinforce its security:

Note: The tips below are applicable across board – to AudiBrow and other noteworthy web browsers.

  • Do away with plugins and browser extensions, unless absolutely needed.
  • Reset your privacy settings; do not settle for the “default security settings”.
  • Update your browser
  • Use a security program or firewall
  • Be wary of “http” (insecure) sites
  • Be careful when using public Wi-Fi networks.


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