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Hot Spots On UK Cruises

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If you're tired of traveling on land, a cruise through the UK might be a great option. Here are some of the hot spots in the region that you will want to make sure are on your ship's itinerary. 

Hot Spots On UK Cruises


The Scottish Highlands boast castles, palaces, forts, rolling green hills, and tiny villages. One critical stop here is Dunrobin Castle. St. Andrew's Cathedral, Cawdor Castle, and the historic village of Inverness are also good stops. Fans of mythology might also favor a trip down the River Ness to the Loch Ness. Nature enthusiasts can visit Fort Williams, Cairngorms National Park, and the Ben Nevis mountain.  

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Orkney Islands

The 70 Orkney Islands sport lush green fields. The main island, Orkney, is the most popular cruise ship destination. There, you can see St. Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall's markets, and two palaces. You can also hit Balfour Castle. 

Shetland Islands

The capital of these islands is Lerwick. Actually, it is the only town on the main island. Instead, you're more likely to encounter others while on the water near these islands. Walkers will love the Shetlands as they stroll through tiny villages and check out archeological sites. If you're there for the wildlife, you'll love the easy to spot Shetland ponies and seabirds. 


The Hebrides Islands are off the western coast of Scotland. Unfortunately, a cruise is not going to get you deep into the Hebrides. Instead, you'll probably just stop at the largest island, where you can see the pristine landscape, sea eagles, and seals. If you're lucky, you might spend some time in the waters, where you will probably see whales and dolphins. If you get to spend time here, make sure you hit the capital's historic village and whiskey distillery. 

Channel Islands

No UK cruises are complete without a stop at the Channel Islands that sit between France and the UK, proudly boasting a hybrid of both cultures and independence. The largest of these islands bring you cobbled streets, sea-cliffs, harbors, and green fields, while smaller islands can be more remote. While there, visit the Jersey War Tunnels and the house where Victor Hugo wrote “Les Miserables” or take a quick trip to France. 


This city boasts plenty of museums and galleries, including the SeaCity Museum. If you're looking for a peaceful time here, hit Mayflower Park to sit and watch the ships. Those who love history might prefer a trip to Stonehenge. It is less than an hour from this port. If your ship departs from the UK, there's a pretty good chance you will leave from this city and have plenty of time to explore before or after your trip. 


Portsmouth is a great place if you love seafaring or military history. Here, you can visit Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. It is home to the UK's Royal Marines Museum. You could also hit the Biggin Hill Heritage Hanger or Bovington Tank Museum. If you're there for the views, climb Spinnaker Tower, which can let you see the docks, city, and sea. It also has a glass bottomed skywalk for those feeling particularly brave. This is another potential departure port for those leaving from the UK. 


This tiny town is picturesque and offers a lot to do at your stop. Nature enthusiasts could adventure at Lost Gardens of Heligan or the Eden Project. You could also cruise down Fal Estuary or climb to the top of St. Micheal's Mount. 

Scilly Islands

The Scilly Islands offer a great place to view untouched natural areas. Nature lovers could snorkel with seals or take a trail ride along the coast. Plant lovers must visit Tresco Abbey Gardens to see exotic plants. 


Glasgow is a popular port to get cruise ship passengers to see Scotland. There, you can browse art galleries, museums, the Glasgow Cathedral, and the City Chambers. You could also stop at the Riverside Museum, Kelvingrove Park, and the Glasgow Botanical Gardens. If you're a fan of art and architecture combined, you should visit the House for an Art Lover. 

There is a lot to see and do on a cruise to the UK. Therefore, you need to make sure your itinerary hits the highlights you want to see. 


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