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Spectra attack breaks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth function

A research team has discovered that Spectra attack can disrupt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions.

There has been a new development in the wireless technology space from Academics in Germany and Italy that they have developed a new practical attack that can break the co-existence between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions on the same system.

Spectra attack is a newly developed technological project belonging to a vulnerability class that can antagonize (alienate) the Coexistence chips, giving it room to manage multiple radio frequency (radio wave) in wireless communications like LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and others.

The research team made up of academics said in a summary detailing the upcoming Black Hat talk that “This new spectrum depends on the fact that transmissions occur in the same spectrum, and chips that are wireless in nature are required to determine the passage entry.”

While there are open designations, Coexistence between wireless chips can be effectuated in various ways as most companies designing communication chips prefer to develop possessor Coexistence techniques for improving performance which comes with a powerful side channel. Moreover, spectra attack exploits the coexistence techniques that chipset makers employ in their devices which specialized chips use for switching between wireless technologies at a blistering pace.

Pioneer Team For Spectra Attack

Darmstadt Technical University’s Jiska Classen and University of Brescia’s Francesco Gringoli disclosed that they are the pioneer team to explore the prospect of cracking the coexistence obstacle on specialized chips also known as “combo chips” operating on separate ARM cores.

The complete technical details and an academic paper with full details of the spectra attack are expected to be released in August at the Black Hat Conference.


Marie Beaujolie

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