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Samsung admits Strange Thumbprints can unlock Galaxy S10

samsung thumbprints unlock galaxy s10

Samsung recently consented that anyone’s thumbprint can unlock Galaxy S10 phone. Although Samsung has promised a software patch to resolve this issue.

The flaw was discovered by a British woman whose husband was able to unlock her phone with his thumbprint. The phone was stored in a cheap case.

However, Samsung described the fingerprint authentication system as revolutionary, when the galaxy S10 was launched in March.

In order to recognize a user, the scanner would send ultrasounds to detect the 3D ridges of fingerprints.

Samsung publicly stated that it wasn’t aware of the problem. However, they will release patches to rectify the malfunctioning fingerprint recognition problem.

More About The s10 Galaxy Air Gap Issue

Earlier reports mentioned that some screen protectors were not compatible with Samsung’s reader, as they left a small air gap that disturbed the scanning.

On the other hand, South Korea’s KaKao Bank, advised Samsung customers to turn off the fingerprint recognition option to access its services until the issue was resolved.

The British couple that found out the thumbprint issue told Sun Newspapers that it was a real concern.

After Lisa Nelson bought a £2.70 gel screen protector on eBay, she then registered her right thumbprint. It was shocking for her to discover that her unregistered left thumbprint could also unlock the phone.

After she found this out, she then asked her husband to try. Unfortunately, both of her husband’s thumbs could unlock the phone. When the screen protector was used on another relative’s phone, the same thing was recorded.

Hopefully, Samsung will resolve the issue where any strange thumbprints can unlock Galaxy s10 smartphones.


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