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Full Review of RememBear – A Reliable Password Manager Application

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In this article, we shall review the reliable RememBear password manager. 

A password is a secret word that is needed to access something. It could be a combination of alphabets, numbers, and special characters.

On the internet, a password is required to access various accounts. Email accounts, social media account, e-banking accounts, website accounts, etc. all require passwords for security. 

If you operate multiple online accounts, you would agree that it is not easy to remember all of your passwords. You lose track most of the time. 

Using the same password for all online accounts is usually not recommended. If one account gets exposed, it could be used to gain access to other ones. Therefore, it is advised to make use of different passwords for different accounts. 

Also, people are advised to write down these passwords or store them where they can be easily retrieved when needed. But, managing this can be complicated, which is why people make use of online password managers. 

What is RememBear? 

remembear password manager

RememBear is a password manager application. It stores your passwords and makes it easy for you to remember and enter them when needed. RememBear was developed by the developers of the TunnelBear VPN application. 

The application is a user-friendly one and also very safe, so your saved passwords are not compromised by any third-party. All you need to do is to create a Master Password with the bear. 

It features a bear character to make the process of storing and retrieving passwords fun. The bear got your back and will provide any of your passwords upon request, 

With such an application, the stress of having to memorize and recall passwords to your various online accounts is eliminated. 

In addition to saving account passwords, you can also collect details of your credit/debit cards with RememBear. 

Benefits of RememBear 

Below are some of the benefits you enjoy while using the RememBear password manager: 

  • The application makes it fast and easy for you to log into your online accounts. You do not have to type passwords as if auto-fills them along with their respective usernames. 
  • With RememBear, you won’t forget any of your account passwords, and you don’t even need to remember them. The master password is all you are expected to memorize. 
  • The application makes it fast and easy for you to shop online. While checking out, it auto-fills your credit card details for the payment 
  • RememBear provides you with top-notch security as you have all your passwords, credit card details, and other important information secured in a safe location. 

Features of RememBear 

Below are features that RememBear offers to its users; 

  • User Friendly: the RememBear app is user friendly and easy to use. You create an account using an email and your Master Password. 
  • Independent Audition: the security standards used by RememBear are audited by a third-party to ensure that they are of the highest quality. 
  • Complete Privacy: only you have access to the passwords, credit cards, and other details you save on RememBear. 
  • Top-notch Security: All details you save on RememBear is protected using AES 256-bit encryption. It is the most secure data encryption standard globally. 
  • iOS Touch and Face ID Support: if you use RememBear on iOS devices with Touch ID and Face ID security protocols, you can use them to log in as an alternative to the Master Password. 
  • Auto-Lock: to keep your data safe, the RememBear app auto-locks once it is left inactive for some time   
  • Password Generation: an inbuilt password generator can help you create strong and secure passwords for your online accounts. 
  • Multi-Access: the application is compatible with both mobile and desktop Operating Systems, so you can access your passwords from anywhere. 
  • Cloud Backup: RememBear stores user passwords and other details on the cloud as backup. You can retrieve and recover your passwords if they are mistakenly lost. 
  • Browser Extensions: there are RememBear browser extensions for Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox (Quantum).

RememBear Pricing 

It features a free and premium account. The premium account gives users access to sync between devices, backups, and gain a swift response. It costs $3 per month and $36 per year. 

Upon registration, new users granted access to the Premium account for 30 days. After 30 days, users are expected to pay for premium to continue access. Also, it auto-reverts the account to the free version. 

RememBear Technical Details 


RememBear is compatible with mobile and desktop platforms. Compatible mobile devices are iOS and Android, while compatible desktop devices are Mac and Windows.


On the RememBear website is a help page with articles written on different sections about using the app. Also, you can submit a ticket to the support team by using the contact us page. 


RememBear functions very well as a password manager. It is easy to use, and you can trust that your passwords are secure. However, the free account does not offer much. To enjoy all features, you will need to pay and upgrade to premium.


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