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How To Write An Essay About Yourself: Follow A Simple Guide

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Do you want to know how to complete an essay about yourself effectively? I want to write my essay about my speciality.

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The essay about yourself has a large number of definitions. However, we will provide the definition, which is actively used in many works of domestic and foreign researchers.

Thus, the essay about yourself is a prose text with a retrospective attitude, using which the person tells about his experience. In this text, the individual emphasizes his personal life, especially the history of the formation of his own personality.

It should be noted that it is difficult to distinguish between an essay about yourself and a memoir in many cases.

Some researchers that are working in college paper writing service consider an essay about yourself as an independent genre, which should be separated from related genres: biographies, memoirs, diaries.

The text about yourself differs from memoirs in that its author emphasizes his personal life, especially the history of the formation of his personality. Thus, the author of memoirs is interested in the world around, people, and events.

Basic Characteristics of an Essay about Yourself

Basic Characteristics of an Essay about Yourself

The text about yourself is characterized by a certain set of characteristics that modern researchers note:

  • Retrospective story (it is a narrative text with a retrospective setting, through which the real person tells about his experience);
  • Chronological sequential presentation of events;
  • Openness;
  • Documentary;
  • Two temporary plans of the narrator in the present and the past;
  • Subjectivity, personal beginning.

Types of Essays About Yourself

The work should be comprehensive and concise, can be written by hand or with the use of technical means. Depending on the purpose, the essay about yourself can be divided into the following types:

  1. Narrative text (concluded in any form);
  2. Text-document (the main facts are precisely stated).

As practice shows, a particular type of essay about yourself does not significantly affect the structure of a paper. In any case, here you need to provide a story about yourself, a kind of autobiography.

Main Components of the Text About Yourself

An essay about yourself consists of the following items:

  • The title of the document;
  • Text;
  • Date;
  • Signature, initials, a surname of the person who wrote the text.

The main components of this paper are:

  • Full name;
  • Date, month, year, and place of birth;
  • Information about studies (years and place, received education and specialty by diploma, etc.);
  • Information on employment (when, where, in what position the author worked, the last place of work or study, position);
  • Information about public work, achievements, encouragement;
  • Information about parents (surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, position, or last place of work);
  • Family composition and family status;
  • Home address, telephone number.

As you can see, this is the general structure of an essay about yourself. It can vary depending on the purpose of writing the paper. Thus, if you are a student, it is appropriate to talk about your college accomplishments. You can also write about your hobby and desire to receive a certain job in the future.

If you, for example, work in the field of marketing, you can describe the features of your work. It is also recommended to describe the difficulties you face in completing practical tasks, etc.

Stages Of Work On Creating An Essay About Yourself

Stages Of Work On Creating An Essay About Yourself

In the work on creating an essay about yourself, several interrelated stages can be distinguished:

  • The introductory stage. Here you should choose a topic, as well as select the scientific literature. Initial source analysis is carried out, and a plan is drawn up. After that, the introductory part of the paper is written;
  • The main stage. This stage assumes a detailed acquaintance with the sources. Work on the creation of the main content is carried out; conclusions are formed;
  • The final stage. At this stage, the text of the paper is edited, errors are corrected. The work is executed in accordance with the established requirements.

Tips for Writing a Successful Essay About Yourself

In this section of the article, you will find helpful tips on how to write your paper. Try to take them into account and put them into practice.

Since the text about yourself is based on the author's own experience, here, you need to provide information about your own life. But this does not mean that scientific literature should not be used. Analysis of literary sources on the topic is mandatory. This allows you to find suitable arguments, facts, and examples to confirm your position.

The process of studying literature depends on the nature and individual characteristics of the student. It includes his general education, special training, erudition and memory, knowledge and level of foreign languages, habits, and diligence, etc.

Therefore, each student should properly organize work with literature, taking into account their own type of temperament, intellectual characteristics, and character traits.

Preliminary acquaintance with the selected literature includes a cursory review of the content, reading the preface, annotations. Those points, paragraphs, or sections that relate to the topic of the work should be studied more carefully. Particular attention should be paid to ideas and proposals for discussion issues, the presence of different views and contradictions.

Acquaintance with the literature serves as a basis for drawing up a work plan. The plan includes the introduction, the main part, which contains two-four interrelated paragraphs, and conclusions. 

According to the plan, the text of the paper is written. The text of the work should be edited and stylistically maintained as a scientific study.

An essay about yourself should be characterized not only by the proper level of content but also by the correct design. When evaluating the work, the compliance of its design with the current requirements is taken into account. In case of design non-compliance with the established requirements, the grade for the submitted work may be reduced.

Thus, the paper should be clearly structured with the selection of its individual parts, paragraphs, the correct design of references, etc.

Good Example Of An Essay About Yourself

Find below a great example and write your unique paper based on it:

I am Kate Smith. I am currently studying in the 3rd year at the Faculty of Socio-Psychology.

I regularly attend classes, demonstrate a fairly high level of success. According to the results of the credit-examination session, I successfully passed 86 tests and exams. The average grade point average for exams and tests is 88.23. Today I take first place in the general rating among 39 3rd year students of my specialty.

During my studies, I underwent 2 active practices as a psychologist. Characteristics from the place of practice are positive, with suggestions of excellent grades.

I am an active and diligent student. Since the first year, I have been the head of the academic group. My classmates appreciate me for my responsible attitude to the duties of an elder, willingness to help, personal qualities, and organizational skills. I take an active part in the social life of the faculty.

I always try to demonstrate the ability to cooperate, a responsible attitude to learning, persistence, and discipline.

This essay was written by a student of the Socio-Psychology Faculty. She talks about her achievements, personal qualities, learning characteristics. As you can see, it is not so important here to indicate the year of birth, place of residence, etc., as to tell about yourself. However, as mentioned above, other types of essays about yourself may require these statistics. It all depends on the purpose of writing the paper. Take this into account.

Common Mistakes in Writing an Essay About Yourself

Common Mistakes in Writing an Essay About Yourself

Typical mistakes in an essay about yourself usually include the following:

  • The content of the work does not correspond to the work plan, does not reveal the topic in whole or in part;
  • The content of the paragraphs does not reflect the state of the object of study;
  • Unsystematic presentation of material, repetition of the same provisions;
  • Logical errors, inability to highlight the main thing;
  • The purpose of the study is not related to the problem, does not reflect the specifics of the object and subject of research;
  • The author has not shown independence, and the work is a continuous compilation;
  • There is no in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the literature on the topic;
  • The number of sources used is insufficient for a comprehensive study of the theme;
  • The end result does not meet the purpose of the study, and the conclusions are not consistent with the objectives or the text;
  • The work does not contain references to primary sources or not those from which the material is borrowed;
  • Bibliographic description of sources in the list of used literature is given without complying with the requirements of state standards;
  • Tables, diagrams, schemes are not made independently but borrowed from other sources;
  • The volume and design of the work do not meet the requirements, and the work contains errors;

When writing a paper about yourself, try to take into account all the recommendations set out here. Pay special attention to mistakes that should be avoided. Arrange the structural parts correctly. Then, your essay will definitely interest the reader and bring you success!


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