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How To Write A Research Paper Introduction (Cybersecurity)

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This post reveals how to write a research paper introduction, especially for a cybersecurity audience.

The introduction of an essay determines whether a reader will maintain the interest and curiosity that was generated by the title. It should give a general overview of the content of your paper such that the reader knows what to expect. It also must elicit more questions about the topic you intend to tackle.

Writing the introduction of your paper may come in the beginning or upon completion of the body. However, the first draft is always written at the beginning to guide you through the writing process. Use research paper examples to give you an idea of how to write the best essay introduction.

Here are excellent tips to guide you when introducing your essay.

The introduction is supposed to capture the general idea about the topic of discussion. Since it gives an overview of your paper, you must read widely to get that comprehensive overview. It is the reason experts recommend that you write the section as the last part of your essay.

Reading widely also gives you fresh ideas that will be included in your paper. It is one of the ways of enriching your research paper essay, therefore, making it more captivating to read. Since you have read widely, you can now do what you are about to learn in the next point below.

  • Create¬†a Context and Background

When someone asks ‚ÄúWho are you?‚ÄĚ,¬† the information he or she could be targeting is your name, where you come from, why you are at a venue or meeting, and such general knowledge information. The same principle applies when writing the introduction. Use¬†research essay examples¬†to discover crafty ways of providing the reader with overview or context and background information about the topic.

The context should include what is already known about the topic and why you feel more needs to be said through your paper. It helps the reader to begin seeing the topic from your point of view. You will be taking the reader on board as you draft the paper.

  • Ask¬†Questions and Make Suggestions

The introduction does not give all the details or findings you have encountered about your thesis statement. It is meant to elicit questions and curiosity about your discussions. Get a sample of research paper to guide you on how to entice the reader to go beyond the introduction.

  • State Your Hypothesis

Give your point of view and promise the reader to justify it in the body. It should not be explicit but it points a reader to a particular direction. Whether it is outrageous or agreeable, the body of your essay will prove it right or wrong.

  • Draft¬†the Introduction but Fine-Tune after Completing the Body

The original introduction is written as you begin drafting the paper. It acts as a guide to your research and thinking. However, you change positions or confirm them as you research on the subject. That’s why the best introduction is written upon completion of the body. It gives a better indication of what the paper is all about.

If you are uncertain about writing the introduction, use a research paper sample. It gives you confidence in the knowledge that you are doing the right thing. Craft an introduction that entices anyone who comes across the paper to read deep into the chapters.


Mikkelsen Holm
Mikkelsen Holm
Mikkelsen Holm is an M.Sc. Cybersecurity graduate with over six years of experience in writing cybersecurity news, reviews, and tutorials. He is passionate about helping individuals and organizations protect their digital assets, and is a regular contributor to various cybersecurity publications. He is an advocate for the adoption of best practices in the field of cybersecurity and has a deep understanding of the industry.


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