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How OWASP Penetration Testing Can Keep Your Website Secure

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Read on if you want to learn how OWASP penetration testing can keep your website secure.

In the world of cybersecurity, there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding about what OWASP Penetration Testing is. In this blog post, we will debunk some myths and misconceptions to help you better understand OWASP penetration testing.

OWASP stands for Open Web Application Security Project–a group that aims to educate people on how to build more secure applications by providing a list of guidelines and tools and resources for developers.

One key takeaway from OWASP penetration testing is that it's not just about protecting your website from being hacked by malicious actors but also maintaining privacy so they can't steal information or control your site.

What Is OWASP Security Testing?

What Is OWASP Security Testing

OWASP is a non-profit organization that releases free, open-source security testing content. The OWASP Testing Guide provides developers and testers with an overview of the OWASP penetration testing process using manual penetration tests.

Manual OWASP penetration testing goes through a series of steps to identify vulnerabilities in a web application or system by executing attack vectors manually instead of automatically, as automated tools do. Some key benefits provided by the OWASP pen test include the following:

  • Becoming more secure than their competitors who don't practice the OWASP pen test at all
  • Saving money on vulnerability detection services because they can find them themselves before attackers exploit them for malicious purposes–by performing OWASP pen test regularly will also ensure that no new vulnerabilities are introduced
  • Testing OWASP pen test internally before sending it off to an external tester is a good way for companies new to OWASP pen testing to learn more about the process and gain valuable experience–this will help them improve at OWASP penetration testing in the future.

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What OWASP Penetration Testing Isn't?

Many people think that penetration testing is just another name for vulnerability scanning, which isn't true because they have very different objectives.

Vulnerability scanners use automated tools as opposed to manual tests by OWASP security professionals, which means they're not as accurate or efficient at identifying vulnerabilities as those created by humans can be.

The main difference between these two types of scans is that OWASP penetration testing focuses on identifying vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit to gain unauthorized access, while scanners look for problems caused by misconfiguration.

What OWASP Penetration Testing Can Do For You?

What OWASP Penetration Testing Can Do For You

OWASP pen tests are essential for any business because they allow companies to secure their website and take steps towards becoming more cybersecurity-conscious so you can stay ahead of the game when it comes to web security testing–by building up a strong defence against cybercriminals who are constantly looking for flaws in your system which makes OWASP penetration testing an invaluable tool.

Not only does the OWASP pen test help detect any issues with your server or web application before hackers do, but it also helps businesses improve their brand image by demonstrating that they are committed to maintaining the privacy of their customers.

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Tips For Keeping Your Website Secure

OWASP pen testing is not a one-time task–it requires ongoing maintenance and commitment from the OWASP security professionals, developers, and third-party penetration testing companies who want to improve security by following OWASP penetration testing guidelines. Some ways that you can keep your website more secure include:

  • When developing new features, using OWASP standards related to coding for web applications, such as OWASP Top Ten Cheat Sheets.
  • Regularly patch vulnerabilities identified through penetration tests or scanning services because they are usually addressed in software updates every month, means you need to install them immediately before hackers take advantage of them first.

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OWASP Penetration Testing: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an OWASP penetration test?

An OWASP penetration test isn't a specific type of pentest, but rather a test that likely follows the methodologies and resources provided by OWASP. These methodologies outline a structured approach to identifying vulnerabilities in web applications.

What is the OWASP testing methodology?

OWASP offers the Testing Guide (PTES), a comprehensive document outlining a methodology for penetration testing. It details various phases, from planning and reconnaissance to exploitation and reporting.

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What are the 7 phases of Pentesting (according to OWASP)?

The OWASP PTES outlines seven phases of penetration testing:

  1. Planning and Reconnaissance: Define the test's scope, objectives, and methodology. Gather information about the target application.
  2. Discovery: Identify the target application's features, functionalities, and potential entry points for vulnerabilities.
  3. Enumeration: Enumerate and map out the target application's technologies, user accounts, and functionalities in more detail.
  4. Exploitation: Attempt to exploit discovered vulnerabilities using various hacking techniques.
  5. Post-Exploitation: If vulnerabilities are successfully exploited, assess the attacker's potential impact and gain within the system.
  6. Reporting: Document the findings, including identified vulnerabilities, exploitation details, and recommendations for remediation.
  7. Remediation: Work with the application owner to fix the identified vulnerabilities and improve the application's security posture.

Is OWASP a software?

No, OWASP is not software. It's a community-driven organization that provides resources and methodologies for web application security testing.

How to get OWASP certification?

OWASP itself doesn't offer certifications. However, some certifications from various organizations align with OWASP methodologies or cover penetration testing in general. You can search for these certifications provided by reputable training providers or security organizations.


OWASP penetration testing is an essential tool for any business that wants to be more secure, and it's critical that you take steps towards becoming penetration testing-ready. The OWASP security testing process is a rigorous and essential part of any web development project.

It helps to ensure that your website will be safe from hackers, the most common type of vulnerability on the internet today.

Web developers should always take time to go through this process before launching their site live to avoid costly vulnerabilities that could bring down an entire company.


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