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Smart Home Security Tips That You MUST READ

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Here are smart home security tips that you must consider.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (2019) revealed that, on average, a burglar takes advantage of homes at least once every 30 seconds.

It is also the most prevailing property crime worry in the State of Safety Survey (2021). These robbers commit and do their misdeeds in the brightest light of the day. This move is contrary to what is commonly expected of them at night.

The FBI burglary data (2019) shed light on the fact that 45% of all reported burglaries happen during the daytime between 12 noon and 4 p.m. while everyone is at work and busy, and only 39% at night. Of course, one of the best ways to mitigate such rampant cases is to equip our homes with smart security.

However, only 25% of Americans take this precautionary measure as a reliable step in protecting themselves and their properties from burglars.

Additionally, 40% do not do anything, not even make an effort to check their vicinity for possible areas of intrusion or entry so these opportunistic thieves can be deterred.

Smart Home Security Tips

Because of these reasons, we should take preventative measures to ensure our homes remain a shelter that protects us. Here are a few modern ways:

Smart Home Security Tips

  • Closed-circuit television camera (CCTV)

A CCTV is an all-time classic form of surveillance that can record or produce images or videos for monitoring purposes. CCTV cameras remain to be at the forefront of any security effort. They record footage that can be viewed later on and are extremely helpful when detecting criminal activity is needed. There are many CCTV cameras available, and each one is unique.

  • Smart Locks

These are gaining popularity lately. A smart lock is an electromechanical lock designed for digital and remote locking and unlocking of your doors. When connected to an authorized smartphone or device, door access to friends and family can be made at a distance through its wireless protocols. Through its cryptographic key, you may not need to bring a physical key with you anymore. 

  • Alarm Security Kit

An alarm security kit does wonders. They offer a powerful button that activates a siren and instantly reports a case to the police or fire departments. You can also receive notifications when contact sensors or motion detectors are triggered on your mobile phone.

Alarm Security Kit

Protect yourself from break-ins, floods, fire, and other hazards with an alarm security kit. Also, hiring service people to assess and evaluate where to place strategically can benefit your overall security plan.

  • Smart Safes

Intelligent safes are nearly the same as any other regular vault. However, a smart safe does not require remembering a numerical combination, as you would only need your fingerprint to access and gain entry to the vault.

As such, a bonus is that it can detect tamper alerts by retaining information on all timestamps and log-ins so that you can keep yourself informed. Intelligent safes are perfect for your jewellery and on-hand cash.

Wrapping Up Smart Home Security Tips

Smart Home Security

These are some of the many things you can incorporate into your homes to prevent criminal minds from reaping success. Being proactive goes a long way, and instead of feeling safe and sorry in the future, you should act on it now. With these smart home security tips, you should get started.

Forty-nine per cent of Americans mentioned that they changed their locks, introduced a home alarm system in their homes (41%), and considered installing security cameras (38%) after experiencing a burglar incident. Still, you do not need to share one to change your ways.

Another home security tip worth taking is keeping personal details to yourself. Burglars watch their victims days before their crime operation, and posting their whereabouts on social media just makes it easy for them to find time to commit their crimes. Be careful in sharing information.

Statista (2018) found that cases of burglaries usually see an increase of 10% between June and August. This only means that households must improve, revisit and heighten their security efforts during these times — especially now that most people are financially challenged because of the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic when many have lost opportunities to make bread and butter, the thieves are always on the lookout.

Every day is high time to consider the positioning of security cameras, getting insured, and purchasing other smart home security devices so that you can sleep soundly, knowing you are safer than other households.


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