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Blockchain: Orchid decentralized VPN will affect www

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Currently, Japan's Orchid Labs are building a decentralized VPN. The decentralized VPN  will help create a new and possibly more comfortable way of using the internet anonymously. Using blockchain technology, this is the first brand amongst others that will generate a new privacy layer on the web.

With this in the making, the face of the internet will never remain the same.

In 2017, the set-up raised $48million, which came through two SAFT sales to accredited investors. Including Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain Capital, Blockchain Capital, and Sequoia. The mission statement is “to build open-source software that keeps the Internet open and accessible—a natural resource for everyone, everywhere.”

Orchid CEO Steven Waterhouse stated to Decrypt that “We're combining some real hardcore network security with blockchain, Folding these two things together.”

Blockchain has been marked to have so many flaws. But it provides a way for unbreakable anonymity on the internet. Its all about privacy.

As the internet has become more centralized, governments have to seek help from service and infrastructure providers. Just last year, a free speech social network called Gab had to shut down due to mass de-platforming, and it had to decentralize to survive.

Virtual private networks were designed to provide access for employees to connect to their company's computer network. But the major problem here is that most VPNs do not ensure privacy and anonymity. Most VPNs are run by companies that can see what it is used for and who is using it.

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People who use VPNs for privacy even have less privacy. The VPN providers seem to operate within specific IP address ranges. The network provider can see users' packet data.

Orchid's Decentralized VPN Approach

With Orchid's cryptocurrency (OXT), users can pay for Orchid's VPN.

Using OXT, users are not paying to Orchid, but to the computers that are routing its traffic. It will create a bandwidth market, where anyone can become an internet provider.

Orchid CEO, Waterhouse said that “In most VPNs, there is a series of VPN servers that can either be in one location or multiple locations. But in our system, you can route traffic between different VPN servers in a network or choose between multiple VPN servers. This gives room for a more flexible system, adding extra security and increased privacy”.

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Chandra Palan
Chandra Palan
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